Sunday, February 1, 2009

No words...................

When I logged in yesterday bright and early I did my normal and checked out all my "bloggy" friends sites to get the prayers right. Once again too soon another family has had to release their sweet child from their clutching fingers to heaven where God in his mighty wisdom has called them home. Little Tuesday has been healed and is dancing with Jesus. This little girl just grabbed my heartand now it is breaking.

I know all the flowery, "religious" quips....... been there said them, had them said to me. There is still a very human part of me that just has to scream and cry out...
THIS STINKS GOD!!! I love you with more than I am, I will always follow you and I try to never cry out in anger at you for circumstance. But my heart just breaks for families that just wanted to raise their babies, watch them grow and get gray hairs from them.

I know they will be spared all kinds of human trial, like a get-out-of-jail-free card they are living the high life. But here on earth the buckets of tears just keep running over.

Hug your kiddos, tell them how much you love them and praise God for his love and mercy.

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