Friday, February 13, 2009

February hummmm drumm and more....

I don't know if it is just because winter is still dragging on or not but I seem to find myself in a strange funk. Over the last few days I try but it seems I am just feeling the dumps. Winter, although I really do enjoy it, drags on longer than I would prefer. I have spoken to God many times about this trying to rally support for a Thanksgiving start of winter and a Happy New Year good bye to winter. He doesn't seem to take my ideas to heart though. Once again I'm sure that my tiny myopic view doesn't understand his master plan but from where I sit anyway the winter should be OVER! I am ready to see the first pops of the crocus and daffodils in our yard. I do have to admit I felt so much better.... even had a spring in my step after buying Kendall some over the top cute spring and summer dresses! Funny how for a moment shopping makes everything better.

I also have been a bit more than mildly upset that the government seem to be again messing with us regular people. As I understand in a very short time there will be new regulation in place that will prohibit resale stores from selling products unless they have been extensively and expensively tested for lead. While I am not wanting anyone's children to get hurt in any way I think that this regulation is going WAY over board and more families are going to be hurt by an ever dropping economy. I personally like shopping in the resale shops. I like that things aren't going into the landfill, I love dressing my crew in name brand clothes for less. I feel so bad for the work at home Moms that supplement or make their family income working on the cool crafty stuff that we all love to buy. Why at a time when so may of us are struggling to make ends meet is the government making it harder??? I have yet to see any positive comment for this rule that will take effect at the end of February.

What are your comments on this.......... if you have any reason that this is sane let me know. Really, I won't bite your head off or anything. Just trying to make sense of it.

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