Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Well it's that time again............. can you believe it???? time to unload about all the things we did NOT do the week before. You know the ones....... the ones that you pray nobody who really knows you ever finds out. Thanks to MckMama and her blog for giving us all this much needed therapy at such a rock bottom price!

This week I did NOT feel a bit jealous that not one but 2 people that we knew were breaking free from the bulk of their kiddos and taking cruises. I did NOT wish as I was shoveling 10 inches of snow off our Looooong driveway that I was basking in the sun on our private deck.

I did NOT make a teeny mistake in the checkbook and double enter a deposit. Well, see it really was NOT my fault! I over heard my dear husband talking on the phone and distinctly heard him say Wow! That is great I didn't think we would get a bonus." Upon hearing this I did not excitedly call the bank the next day and record the amount given on the automated system. I also did NOT actually speak to a customer service person and have them tell me that the 3 deposits I was speaking about were in the name of my husbands employer. I did NOT then quickly and deftly write checks to the tune of 1,800.00 and feel so proud that I whittled our national debt down a bit before my husband could spend the money. Great plan but the deposit was from another time and I over drew our account in the exact amount! Argh.............. I did NOT then wriggle and wriggle and find ways to pull us back out of the red without telling my dear husband. He would NOT have been upset at all, NOPE........ he would be ever so understanding.

I did NOT catch my sweet little girl treating my cell phone like a ball bat and then start to freak out (in the mind children were hurt or affected in the making of this nervous breakdown). How in the world would I live without my cell??? And until this morning it worked fine............. now ummmmm well no calls can be made or received. The only good thing about it is so far the phone directory still works.

I did NOT once again put off the dirty detail of logging in all our information to get things ready for the tax preparer. I wouldn't do that............... I was too NOT busy dreaming about ME being on a cruise ship!

I did NOT have bad dreams the last two nights............... creepy real ones. I love to dream about dark scary things.... yea its a favorite thing of mine.

I did NOT just put the puzzle back in the box that Logan got out. 500 pieces of confusion, my attention span is not up to the lovely waterfall with the tiny flowers ALL over it. TINY pieces that don't seem to be very clear...... are there more than one place that these pieces fit???? and NO I do NOT need glasses. I have perfect vision and am not near old enough to be needing glasses. I also just LOVE to change my hair clolr slightly every 6 weeks or so .... I have NO gray hair..... not an old person here....................yikes!!

I did not post these pictures of my sweet youngest baby because she was so adorable. And that is NOT a McDonalds french fry that she is holding onto. I wouldn't give her that kind of junk to eat. No, not ME!



Last but not least I did NOT post on the BLOG about a Seriously cool magazine. Just pop back and see the post.

I can hardly wait till next week!


Kacey R. said...

Too funny! Your little girl is darling! And so glad you did NOT have to wriggle around about the bank stuff. That would have been a pain!

Ashley said...

The pictures of your daughter are so adorable! I love the outfit with the hat and all!

karina said...

Hey, is your phone working yet? Are you going to have to replace it? I tried calling yesterday just to see and I got your voicemail.

I may try again today. I'm going to take the little ones outside to play. I need to get out of the house before I go insane. Screaming and crying isn't nearly as grating outside where the sound dissipates instead of bouncing off walls and reverberating! :) I may preserve a modicum of my sanity to be able to enjoy an evening with one of my girlfriends tonight. Well, at least I can dream, right!