Friday, October 31, 2008

Well, now things are Clearer!

Over the last few days Kendall has been a bit cranky and not slept as well. I thought maybe that she was getting one of her front teeth. We finally have one top tooth but not the other so I thought that might be it. Tonight while we were playing I layed her back and realized that not only is she getting one tooth but teeth number 5, 6, 7, 8,9, and 10 are coming in!!!! Six in a day!!! Holy smokes, I would cry too! Funny thing is none of them are her missing top front so now she will even have 4 molars but not the right top front. I hope she gets it eventually?!?! lol

In other news keep the praises going for baby Stellan. All is well and he has been released from NICU!!! God is so faithful and good. Stellan has been healed. Also baby Witt has praises coming too. His chromosomes mix-up at this point seems to be with #1 not 18 like previously thought. This is HUGE!!! Now he will be treated like a normal baby and not one thought to have a life span to short to operate on. The family is praising and praying for continued good news.

We are pumpkin carving tonight hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post the shots of the carving and costumes from Trunk or treat. The kids had fun and now we have all this leverage for good behavior with so much candy in the house!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Praying and Praising..........................

God is such an awesome God!!!! Today my heart is full of joy..... I think half of the free worl has been praying for little Stellan and God was faithful to the fullest extent! He entered the world and has taken it by storm. The Drs. don't quite know what to think since he is "surely going to die" ..... well that was at 24 weeks. Given such a grim sentence his Mom did what any Christian Mommy would and got closer and closer to God. And she told someone who told someone who told someone...... and well you get the idea. They can acratch their heads till they are bald and nothing but God himself can explain the outcome.

Although he is being closely monitored for a few tiny issues Stellan is fine.... healthy.... and being bathed in the love of his Mom and Dad!

I also found a blog last night where another family is facing rough waters.... Little Witt is hanging in there struggling along and making strides. No assistance breathing and his heart looks good. I am lifting Witt, his family, and the Drs. for wisdom and healing. This family although I don't know them in real life are clinging to God and waiting for His answers. They are accepting His will for their precious baby. Taking those steps of faith and getting our of the boat on the rough waters. Pray that they keep their eyes firmly on Jesus and don't look away. As long as their gaze is constant they WILL walk on the water through this storm. They even got praise music for the waiting rooms!!! How cool is that....... just another case of little ones being used to draw us closer to God.

Please pray with me for these families!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lifting a small person

I can't believe it, two posts in one day?!?! Well this is worth the struggle to sit and take a moment. A dear Blogger Mommy Mckmama is sceduled to deliver her tiny little boy tomorrow morning. Little Stellan is God's handywork miracle. At 24 weeks they were told he had irreversable heart issues and would die. With much prayer and faith God has allowed Stellan to grow and improve. Tomorrow he will enter the world and breathe unattached to his Mommy. Things are up in the air for this tiny baby but we know that God's grace and love is with us and this birth. Stellan will live tomorrow. He still has an enlarged heart and some other issues that will need to be addressed. Shortly after birth he will have a battery of tests and I am praying for God's miracluous healing of this tiny baby.

Pray with us for little Stellan........... the c-section is scheduled for 9:30 a.m.


Everybody Loves Raymond...............

Well, I have always thought my life was a bit like Debra's in Everybody Loves Raymond. The typical days and the family puzzle pieces fit in pretty well sometimes. I just have a few more kids in the house....... Today I decided that Men in general just do not get it much of the time. Bless their little hearts I think they try BUT what is it with these guys?!!?

This was part of the phone conversation between my husband and I today.......

Him: So are they working on the garage doors?

Me: Yea,they are here working....

Him: Great!

Me: You weren't planning on them being here?

Him: Well you never know, are they doing it right? Did they bring the keyless entry? How long will they be there?

Me: Well, THEY are one guy about 5 ft tall and maybe 20 yrs old. He said he would be working all day.

Him: But are they doing it right?

Me: Ummmm, I don't know how to put up garage doors, so I am leaving him alone to work.

Him: Well you need to ask about the keyless entry......

Me: I figure that if he doesn't install it we will notice

Him: Better ask him

Me: Okay, later I will make sure he has it.

Him: Oh and tonight after work I am going to Dave's to play cards.

Me: hmmmmm, when is it that I get to "go out" with friends? I have yet to leave the house childless for a night out since Kendall was born.

Him: Well you go out and work and I will stay home with the kids??(yep, yikes he said it)

Me: Excuse me .............. what is it that I do around here everyday??? I go from morning to bed and homeschool the boys in between. Just because you don't pay very well doesn't mean that I don't get to go out other than to the grocery without hearing the famous words...." Hurry up, don't take all day" hmmmm yea, that is my big OUT grocery shopping.

How is it that he doesn't get that?!?! I really enjoy staying with the kids and for the most part I enjoy taking them with me if I have errands or a bit of shopping. I am balancing more balls in the air at once most of the day than he can imagine. I draw the line at taking the crew to the grocery. I need to really concentrate and they are liberal item adders.

I am so glad that God made us different, I love the strengths and weaknesses of each sex. BUT, could we get a little break for the Mom once in a while? I even am told "don't take all day" when I get my hair cut...geeesh.

Okay back to Mommy mode........... if you made it through that possibly childish rant of sorts you get awarded with a peek at Kendall in her Pettiskirt! This was on her birthday and I am only now brave enough to try to figure out how to post a picture.

Give God thanks everyday.................

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Okay okay I will play with Mckmama and Not Me Monday!You can go there from here... She is an inspirational Jesus-loving Mommy in the trenches with 3 soon to be 4 little ones at home. I am not usually one that can a. figure out how to make all the buttons and links work or b. want to remember the zillions of not-me's in a week! I could scare the scariest with some of my Mommy antics.

Hmmmmmm, okay here goes.

I did NOT quickly open a box of pudding and then toss in a can of pumpkin and fold in whip cream for a harvest party. I did NOT want it to look like I know what I am doing in the kitchen.

I did NOT after whiffing my daughter hand her over to my husband and convince him to change her, telling him he forgot to after she got up. Nope not me!

I did NOT spend hours.multiple hours scanning blogs instead of cleaning

I did NOT give my boys candy to keep them entertained so "I could "blog" some more.

I did NOT yet again shop before tennis lessons and buy "just a few more things" for the tiniest member of the family. You know, the one that has more than the rest of us ...... I wouldn't do that.

I did NOT just put my hair up in a clip because I was too lazy to fix it.

I did NOT sit and watch the same episode of Joyce Meyer 3 times because it was on and I really liked the message.

I did NOT do the weekly grocery shopping while my husband sat in the car with all the kids telling him I only needed a few things (few is in the eye of the beholder right?)

I did NOT tell my husband to turn the wrong way causing us to also send the tow truck in the wrong way that was picking up my daughter's broken down Jeep. I would never do that and of course he did NOT proceed to get furious for embarrassing him in front of the two truck guy you know the guy we will never ever see again. Men..........

Okay enough I don't think I have really scratched the surface but that is all I am admitting to.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Infant loss and Awareness day

Please take a moment and say a prayer for all the little ones that were gone too soon. This is always a day that brings up so much in my mind. I miss not being able to see Mackenzie grow up but know that she is tucked in safe with the angels.

Lots going on here......... Over the last weekend we went as a whole Family to Cedar Point. My Mom and Dad, Brother with his wife and their kiddos, and the whole crew from our house. We had a blast, it was much more crowded than the last time we tried a fall trip but fun was had by all. The boys rode their first REAL rollercoasters. The jury is still our for Taylor, his little eyes and face were about to pop during the first ride. That was the last real rollercoaster for him for the day. Loagn did a bit better but we added the intensity with each one and he got through 4 of them. Cedar Point is a great place to go for thrill rides with 17 coasters and tons of speed rides it was voted vbest thrill park on the planet 10 years running. This time of year you also get the spooky stuff...... haunted houses gouls after dark and such. Tiffany about took my arm off dragging me through the haunted woods! Although this stuff scares her to death she can't seem to stay away from it.