Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hmmmm that is the number on the counter for the blog..... I thought for the most part I was alone here. I know I have some faithful readers but 19,998 is kind of a big number!

So, I guess till my next new blog post if you comment your name will go in a hat and Kendall will pick a winner of a prize from Beb-e-ssentials. Working on the next post now so hurry with the comments......

Oh,and I hear that a favorite charity of mine has been picked for a nice prize! Stop back to hear the details. I want them to tell first, afterall it is their charity. I'm just thrilled they won!

Comment away...............

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Chapter in our lives..............

We have embarked on life with middlers..... You know not toddlers or little kids. The boys have left for a fun week at camp..... yes I said a week! We were a bit nervous but the "signs" kept telling me to go ahead. They are getting SO big and were so excited. We had a lot of concerns with Logan and his asthma and allergies but they have 3 nurses on staff and they seemed to be very "on it".

We found out a bout it all on Friday so it has been a weekend of scurrying..... all of the "list" items. clothes, bug spray, flashlights, snaks, swim suits, flip flops for the showers.... as for the showers Tim thought maybe we should just shave their heads so they would have dirty hair for the week...... yea, I just needed him to tell me that to remind me why we cut the office carpet out where Logan got sick.....

Anyway the boys are thrilled! They had NO problem telling me goodbye.... well just that they were running so fast they couldn't turn around. I know they will have fun and make a load of memories. The 4 pack including Solomon and Elijah will be VERY tired Friday at pick up!

What will I do.......... well my stuff plus their chores. I also plan on updating their room with "big kid" stuff!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Fun!

We have very easily slid into "summer fun" at our busy house. Our much less hectic schedule is a welcome change for all of us. We are also a bit more lazy... ha ha. Without the more rigid home school schedule we have made time to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather. The boys are up and out pretty early everyday, something that doesn't happen during the year. Kendall and I actually get to be late sleepers which I love since most nights I see 2-3 a.m. before I finish my "hat business" work.

The boys are growing a garden again this year and everything looks great except the tomatoes in a bale. That one didn't work well at all! I think next year we need to fertilize for a longer period before we plant since we use organic fertilizers. They are also reading alot! The idea of book reports for every book has dissipated must to there happiness.

Today we built the Little Tykes climber for Kendall, attached the new trampoline bumper, also strung lead lines up the side of the house for the vines that have out grown the trellis. The kids have had a blast watching how fast this vine grows.

I got ready to build the fire pit for the patio but it was SO hot I whimped out. My thumb is still only working about 10% and building the climber about did me in. Instead we came in and the boys finally got to start to learn how to crochet. They have been begging for quite a while and they got a real eye-opening when they tried to make a chain. They had thought today they could make themselves hats.... hmmm they did really well but made it through chain and single stitch. Then after nap time we hopped in the car and headed to the pool. I grabbed the camera and got some fun shots of the kids so beware picture overload is attached!

I can't believe how big my "littles" are getting! Kendall was a bit wary of the water at first but then easily slipped into watergirl mode. The boys are so big, they didn't even want to pose for me.... too busy Mom! I feel SO blessed to have my kids in my life. I'm not sure much of the time that I deserve them but I sure am thankful to God that I've had them.... all 6 of them. Mackenzie is never far from my mind and my driving force to be a better human.

As we are pulled through our summer at jet speed my mind is ever on the SMA community. They are so desperate for a cure to save their babies and honor the ones that have already earned heavenly wings.... the pain in my heart for these sweet parents is sometimes overwhelming. We have been working working through Beb-e-ssentials to raise awareness and ever needed funds to stomp this monster into the ground. What have you done to help your cause or benefit? Don't have one??? Jump on board the Stomp SMA train. We would love some more soldiers!