Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time for change......

It is quickly becoming one of my favorite times of the year. Right before my eyes the cool green canvas outside is becoming brilliant shades of red and gold. Living in Ohio is not one of the most beautiful states for mountains. What IS beautiful is the 4 very distinct seasons that we have. When it is time for a change in season it is really a lift to my spirits. I love the new life and growth outside in the spring, the hot sunny summers, the cool crisp autumn, and even the cold frozen winters...(okay well I like those from inside the house with a roaring fire to keep us warm). But I do love to be able to marvel at the chages that we have.

With those changes also come the fall and Halloween decorating, pumpkins, cider, and changing leaves. Taylor has been asking... no scratch that.... nagging to try on and play in his new costume since we bought it at 90% off last November! Today I relented and let him put on his new Ninja outfit. HE is so excited. Logan is not as over the top but he also is checking out the costume from the back of the closet. I also bought Kendall's outfit last year, well we bought 2. They were really marked down and I got different sizes so she will either be a witch or a snuggly animal.

We just got back from a trip to Georgia for the South East Regional Llama show and boy was it a long way!!! We drove thinking that it would give us more time and flexibility in what we took. It was Kendall's first trip with Daddy, so far my Mom has went along to take care of her on these trips. I think they got along very well and she traveled very well for a 13 month old. It was about 10 hours in the car, we tried to work it around her sleeping schedule. The strange thing was while down there for the southern half of Tennesse and the Nrthern half of Georgia there was NO gas! The news said that 1 out of 10 stations was the average of stations that had any. People were trying to keep their tanks from running empty, it was really eerie and sad. It made us realize how all of this "real" world could crumble in a matter of days without something like that. Thankfully God's grace is much deeper than the surface security that we all seem to cling to.

Back soon...............

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ike in Ohio?!?!

Well, it has been longer than I would have liked in getting back to the blog. This starting back at school month has been a long one. In the middle just when you think you have it all under control God zaps you. Why is it that every once in awhile I seem to be plugging along forgeting to check in with the Big Guy, take my concenrs and problems to him??? Well hurrican Ike gave our area a wake-up call last week. There are still many homes that have no power 9 days later. Thankfully we were only out of power for a short time (30+ hours) and the foods didn't thaw and the water tanks for the stock didn't dry up. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the fmailies that this weather has affected.

Keep praying for little Stellan, his heart issues are not over. He is fighting but he is needing our prayers. Pray for his Mom and Dad too. The pain in knowing that you are caring a child that is life threateningly ill is so hard. Also, keep my dear sweet friend in your prayers that is dealing with "coming to Jesus" again and the hardships her family is going through during the journey. Life is so good and so often we don't take the time we need to to feed "in the word". My walk right now has me "hungry" in a way that I have never been. God is speaking to me and my life is a roller coaster. Please let me dicern this information and put it to God's glory.

Also, please someone give me the answer to this one. I ordered from a website, no paypal available. I ordered a VERY special gift for my Dear friend Nancy. A twin angel suncatcher for her daughter. Nancy's sweet babies went to be with Jesus last month and I wanted to give Isabel this to hang in her bedroom window. Problem is they ordered it, sent me a confirmation, charged my credit card, and then disapeared. Well, the site is still there but no contact from my e-mail or phone inquiries. What do I do????? It just makes me so mad!!!! I would have paid more for the item,........ I just wanted it to help mend a little girls heart.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kids say the darndest things................

I have always told myself I need a pad and paper to write down all the quips that my kids have come up with through the years. The boys went to Tiffany's boyfriends softball game the other night and the boys were in rare form. They were very well-behaved but the comments that kept innocently coming out of Taylor's little mouth were pretty funny..... like loudly saying "Why can't those guys catch the Ball" or "Wow, I bet THAT guy can't run very fast". I on the other hand wanted to. Then Logan at one point in the game all the sudden yells FIRE!!!!! Loudly and honestly.... "I see smoke". Well, the guy in the second row that had lit a cigarette probably got a real chuckle. But some of the people seemed a bit annoyed. What can you do we live in a smoke free zone.

We are almost ready for picture time again. Kendall needs her 1 year picture and the boys need their yearly shots. Our trouble right now is since we wanted these to be outside pictures we need a dry sunny day. Not so easy with so much hurricane activity. Not that we are anywhere near the REAL hurricane areas but we get the risidual rain. I have been praying for the families that have been in hurricane paths this last few weeks.

off to pay bills.............. what a way to spend a Saturday night!