Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kids say the darndest things................

I have always told myself I need a pad and paper to write down all the quips that my kids have come up with through the years. The boys went to Tiffany's boyfriends softball game the other night and the boys were in rare form. They were very well-behaved but the comments that kept innocently coming out of Taylor's little mouth were pretty funny..... like loudly saying "Why can't those guys catch the Ball" or "Wow, I bet THAT guy can't run very fast". I on the other hand wanted to. Then Logan at one point in the game all the sudden yells FIRE!!!!! Loudly and honestly.... "I see smoke". Well, the guy in the second row that had lit a cigarette probably got a real chuckle. But some of the people seemed a bit annoyed. What can you do we live in a smoke free zone.

We are almost ready for picture time again. Kendall needs her 1 year picture and the boys need their yearly shots. Our trouble right now is since we wanted these to be outside pictures we need a dry sunny day. Not so easy with so much hurricane activity. Not that we are anywhere near the REAL hurricane areas but we get the risidual rain. I have been praying for the families that have been in hurricane paths this last few weeks.

off to pay bills.............. what a way to spend a Saturday night!

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Cathy said...

You have a precious family as you try to live a Christ filled life. Thank you for visiting Annabel's site.