Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My silly but oh so sweet littles...................

Not a lot of words but thats okay. Pictures are usually better right? We have been crazy busy and all waiting on the edge of our seats for the weather to break. I wanted to post some pictures of my "littles" aka 10 and under group.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We've Launched!!!!

That's right, the new and improved Beb-e-ssentials.com has launched! Our old site was okay... you know fairly functional and it did show product. But it didn't have a cart and the pictures were "professionally" done on my couch with the ceiling fan light. Now with Melissa's computer genius and Angie Woodward's photography skills, our site is COOL! Pop over and see for yourself.

While your there give this little tidbit a thought. For every hat or beanie you buy we will donate one to special kids who are on a journey that will tax their entire family. A life threatening journey that will cause them to loose their hair. Our hope is that the chance to get to pick a special hat will give them a chance to smile and have fun, more than just a hat ... a bit of hope. While wearing it that they feel not only normal but like a superstar.
We call this new division "Hat's for Hope" we send special hats filled with hopes and prayers.

I haven't asked myself once if the "hat business" (as my husband calls it) is worth it. Seeing smiles from kids wearing our hats is such a reward! Today I got to see a little piece of heaven when I checked up on one of my favorite blogs and saw a smiling Zoey wearing her colorful birthday hat. I tell you this little girl just takes my breath away, through her journeys in life she always has such zeal. I think she also has the coolest Mom, I tag along "blog stalk" her and she doesn't mind at all.

Here are some fun pix of Kendall playing hat model, I may have permanently ruined her. I have her model all the hats for a sneek peek for the purchaser to make sure we are perfect. Now she stops me mid stitch and insists I "try" hats on her. She is my walking, talking, sloppy kissing, measuring gauge.

Here is the link

Matthew 19:26
Jesus said, with man alone this is impossible but with God ALL things are possible.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I try and try..................

to post more often but I can't seem to do it. I started a blog for a lot of reasons, to document our crazy lives, to share our story to maybe comfort others, and to allow friends and family a view inside in case I forget to call on a regular basis....... yes, sadly that does happen. With 5 kids here on earth, 2 of them in college, 2 in school around the kitchen table, and one crazy 2yr old who might just be hanging from the lights. I would be busy. Add to that the fact that I am out of town judging llama shows some weekends, maintaining our livestock farm, and trying to be a help to families who are living with the grief of loosing someone important. Then you see that there are reasons that some days I find myself still in pajamas mid-afternoon. Not enough sleep from late nights and early mornings cause me to do silly things. Like last week when I realized half way to church that I was still sporting my slippers.............sigh

BUT, I feel lucky to be able to stay home with my kids and be a driving force in their lives. I feel blessed through all the storms we have lived through and will no doubt continue to find ourselves in.

Last fall while trying to figure out how I could do something more to make a difference I was given an idea. I had been making hair accessories and hats for my daughter since she was born. We always got compliments and a friend said I should sell them to others. I laughed, then I started thinking. I called a friend and pitched she the idea. How would she like to go into business? She agreed and we were off, we were not sure WHAT we were doing or how we would be received. Before we knew it we started to get offers, little bits... ways to help encourage and support others. What started out as fun hats and bows for my baby has become something special. A way to help and bless others. How cool is that????? Right now we have just been contacted by a sweet Mom who is living a life that is anything but easy. One of their 2yr old twin girls has 3 brain issues, she is now awaiting surgery on her brain. Her 10th in her short 2 yrs on earth..... yes 10 times she has been in surgery. More than that her sweet Mom in shouldering this herself, see Abby's Daddy is in the Military stationed over-seas. He is working to help make sure we all live free and safe. What a sacrifice............. And you know what Abby's Mom Summer just sings praise to God for her journey, she wants awareness for others through Abby's struggle. You see the amazing part is they were told Abby was "imcompatible with life". I hate that phrase but LOVE it when God says "only I get to make that call". Their story is amazing and you can follow Abby's journey on Face Book at prayers for Abbygayle Marie Robinson.

Will you pray???? Will you spread the word????? Would you if it was YOUR child???

They want people to know more so that more research is done and cures are found.

So, I guess I feel God's pressence in my life saying "spread the word"... "make a difference" So our Beb-e-ssentials.com store is doing just that. We are making fun hats for Abby and Emma as a gift to help them feel special, and to help a family struggling for awareness....

I also am ready to send out a special hat to little Zoey, I love to read along Zoey's blog. My little glimpse of "what might have been". See Zoey just had a birthday and evey girl needs a new hat for their birthday. I hope she loves it, I made her a very vibrant, colorful hat. One that reminds me of her when she smiles that beautiful smile with those twinkly eyes.......

So here is a small selection of hats..... what do you think?

Okay, so I better get to bed so the clocks can change and I can loose an hour of sleep.... really!?!?! another one?????

As my sweet Kendall proudly says "God lubs ME!"