Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to School!??!?!


Well, where has the summer gone? Unbelieveabley we are actually sitting in the sunroom working on our second day of school. I'm not sure who was more whiny about the end of our fun summer, me or the boys. But in any case we are back in the groove and the good thing is I am more likely to chime in with the crazy going-ons aout the farm. Since I wasn't tied to the computer through the summer I didn't frequent my blog as much .

Things you have missed?????

well, the list could go on and on but here are a few highlights..........

We had 3 brithdays in 4 days Kendall now 2, Taylor now 7, and Tim now ...well.... very old!

Tiffany was able to cash in my beloved "jeepy" aka 94 Grand Cherokee for a new zippy little G5 Pontiac, in red!

We failed to ever get potty training off the ground

we gained 2 more drop off kittys, total now about 20!

The boys started soccer and are enjoying the fun.

Taylor lost 3 of his front top teeth and has 2 more loose.

We attended Vacation BibleSchool

For Tim's birthday we all enjoyed a Cincinnati Red's baseball game with an incredible Steven Curtis Chapman concert after. What a testimony that incredible entertainer shares........ the concert was awesome!!!! the game well....... I went for the concert anway!

Our special favorite neighbors have moved and we miss them dearly. They felt God's call and followed. I am so glad for them.

well, that is a good start and since the newly 2 Kendall is being a crazy woman I better go!!!!

Good to be back!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Giving it all........................

Have you ever been around when people made a comment about a a religious "fanatic"?? Over these last few months of me "unplugging" from much of Blogworld I have tried to go deep, really deep. I have found a peace that I haven't known maybe forever in my life. Has this been a fairytale time???? definitely not.... We have lost family members, worked through sickness of family and friends, been just as financially strapped as ever before and had all the day to day small children issues.(you know the ones......sticky,slimy,and tireless)

BUT, in the midst of it all there has been such incredible peace. I have been able to hold fast to Jesus. I have been singing those praise and worship songs and enjoying every nugget of good life when it comes. I feel like the depth of faith has been increased and I know without ANY doubt that God is indeed good all the time.
So as I weeded our new garden of lilies I wondered...Have I become that"fanatic"???

Then I realized maybe all along those "fanatics" have it right. They are living the life, giving it all, not just going through the motions anymore. I hope I can someday be whispered about. It could sound a bit like this "Oh look at that woman!, she must be crazy, what a religious NUT....... and why are all those cats following her (don't ask, that is a whole different story)

Anyway, my God loves me today and yesterday. A broken woman, a sinner, kicking around in the yuck and mire, being lifted only by the grace and love of God. My God is good.... he wants to be there to lift you above the mire too.

and just to add some fun and color here are a few of the reasons I am crazy and blessed at my house.....

You think he will float???
take a breath

One small step for man
Logan jumping off the board

A bikini body to be jealous oflove that bathing beauty body

Wednesday, August 5, 2009