Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bits and pieces........

Well, this has been long in coming. Tons going on here on the farm. I wanted so much to say THANKS to all that voted for Gwendolyn Strong for the Chase Community Give. With everyone's help this Mom and Dad run foundation came in 6th!!!! Wow!! They were given 100,000 for research to help stamp out SMA forever!!!!

Thanks thanks thanks...............

Like I said, lots going on here, and in the midst of it all my laptop tried to collapse on me! Thanksfully the computer is still working, you just can't see the screen..... a bit of a problem maybe..... but the nice people at Dell helped me to figure out that I can hook a desktop monitor to the laptop and still be in business. I am not nearly as compact as I used to be but I can load up and move the computer from place to place but still in business! The new laptop should be here in two weeks..... and the bill well probably in two weeks too... ugh

The boys are suddenly very busy through the week, so much so that we really have to squeeze school in. A new women's Bible study with a Bible study for the kids too on Tuesday, Crazy Wednesday with piano and church and the kids chior, Thursday morning homeschool group activities, and usually an activity for Friday too!! whewwww makes me tired just to type it all.

The hat business is heating up too. I should have some new photos to post soon. I can't believe where this has all gone and how far we have come. The vision to help others is getting better all the time.

Well, lots to do so off I go..................

Monday, January 18, 2010

Please take a moment for someone else

I am a super supporter of a favorite blog of many, they along with several others have been posting about SMA. I had never heard of it, have you??? I decided today that the more who know the more to make this challenge a possibility. It costs you nothing.... takes moments..... could change a death sentence into a full life of LOVE and time. PLEASE, Take a moment and watch the You Tube video about these special children and their families. I hope it will not leave you untouched.... it shouldn't. I can NOT imagine the horror of this disease.... it just breaks my heart. If you are a member of Facebook or know someone who is, please take a moment to do something incredible!

Chase Community Giving is awarding $1 million to one charity and $100,000 to the five runners-up! The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is working to find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy - and they could use the money!

Fast Facts:

- SMA is the #1 genetic killer of infants under the age of 2
- 50% of those diagnosed will not live to see their 2nd birthday
- kids with SMA lose the ability to sit, stand, walk, talk, eat, swallow, and breathe
- 1 in 40 people is a carrier
- the National Institute of Health says that SMA is the #1 CURABLE disease if given research funding
- right now there is NO cure and NO treatment
- right now SMA is a DEATH SENTENCE

Want to change that? Vote for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation on the Chase Community Giving app on Facebook! You have five votes to tell the world that you want a CURE for SMA!

Tell your friends and blog contacts - let them know they could be part of a MIRACLE -be part of a CURE - and give these kids a FUTURE!


Here's the link to vote:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Better Late Than Never.............

To say Kendall wasn't happy to see Santa is an understatment! She had been telling us "Hanta cary" (Santa Scary). But the day we went she was excited and said she wanted to talk to Santa...... Boy, do girls have the perogative to change their mind! The boys just crack me up, they seem oblivious to her melt down and Santa, well he was just thrilled to NOT be the one to get the screaming child. I did feel bad, as we left the line there were numerous kids crying. Ithink we started a bad thing.

At our house we are a really crazy bunch! Rarely is there a dull moment and my kiddos have never been heard saying "I'm bored". I think they know better, running a working livestock farm, having a family of 7, having a hubby that works quite a distance from home who is also working on a second career, and me working on a new business and also keeping up with some consulting work makes us a bit crazy!!

So, in turn we are not always .... okay rarely ever do we do things on time. I thought I would be sharing the pictures from our trip to see Santa. I have found though that I am absolutely useless at the scanner and can't remember to ask my hubby. So in an effort to share our fun moment with Santa I took a picture with my cell and then posted it......geeeesh!

A picture of Tiffany and Kendall or as we call her "mini me". She does LOVE her sister!

I also wanted to share a few Kendall bringing in the New Year pictures. She loved the noise blowers and got very good at them. As I watch the new year roll around I sit back and count my blessings..... blessings to numerous to count. Healthy family, a warm dry home, food on the table, fresh water to drink. As I look at my kids I can only imagine the Mothers in Haiti who don't know how they will care for their children in the midst of the horrific earthquake.

Take a moment, pray, donate, be a help to those that need it so much.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well, do you notice anything wrong .....

with this picture??

Well, she didn't dress herself, nope. I didn't dress her in the dark, nope. This is the only way we can put her to bed and have her fully dressed when we find her in the morning. She had quickly learned how to work the zipper and in Ohio you don't sleep in your birthday suit in the winter, nope...... A little Houdini, that's what she is!

So, other than the "twisted" look of the legs of her jammies it looks pretty good. The bonus is I don't find a baby popsicle when I go get my smiling daughter every morning.

Here's a few more shots........

Speaking of winter, we are awaiting what is being called the "white death" by the weather guy...... ha ha. They make a BIG deal about this impending snow. At the end of the day we had less than 4 inches and no wind..... some white death! I remember "real" snow when I lived up north. Real drifts and wind that tossed you around. Not that I am complaining but it is comical hearing them talk about our weather with such concern.... as for me well, I am ready for spring.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the swing!

Well, unfortunately the holidays are over....... no more are the mornings of jammies, cocoa, and the couch. Back to school! Well, the jammies and the cocoa still might be happening around here, but we are back in class. I think to be completely honest we are all ready to get back into a routine. The trees are working on being taken down. Not there yet but getting there, my favorite manger scene is safely back in its box, along with the other holiday decor. W still have inflatables in the yard, (just not inflated anymore actually frozen to the ground,which really bothers Kendall).

With the New Year comes new opportunities and challenges. Although I am not a resolution person we have set some goals....

Think before you speak, does it follow j-o-y? (Jesus),(others),(you). I think teaching children that self satisfaction should not be their goal but the imprint that they leave on others. Needless to say this one is hard and we are all working hard to accomplish it.

Pick up after yourself, okay, so maybe a little self serving but I think everyone should be responsible for the things they use.

Giving back, we are going to work this year to be a blessing to others, people we may not even know. We are so incredibly blessed and we have the capability of blessing others. Learning this lesson young will mold our children and help them to have compassion for others. We live in a world so worried about "self".

Spending more dedicated prayer time each day.

You can kind of get the idea. Dropping that self-importance that tears the heart of Jesus. Have you set any goals?