Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the swing!

Well, unfortunately the holidays are over....... no more are the mornings of jammies, cocoa, and the couch. Back to school! Well, the jammies and the cocoa still might be happening around here, but we are back in class. I think to be completely honest we are all ready to get back into a routine. The trees are working on being taken down. Not there yet but getting there, my favorite manger scene is safely back in its box, along with the other holiday decor. W still have inflatables in the yard, (just not inflated anymore actually frozen to the ground,which really bothers Kendall).

With the New Year comes new opportunities and challenges. Although I am not a resolution person we have set some goals....

Think before you speak, does it follow j-o-y? (Jesus),(others),(you). I think teaching children that self satisfaction should not be their goal but the imprint that they leave on others. Needless to say this one is hard and we are all working hard to accomplish it.

Pick up after yourself, okay, so maybe a little self serving but I think everyone should be responsible for the things they use.

Giving back, we are going to work this year to be a blessing to others, people we may not even know. We are so incredibly blessed and we have the capability of blessing others. Learning this lesson young will mold our children and help them to have compassion for others. We live in a world so worried about "self".

Spending more dedicated prayer time each day.

You can kind of get the idea. Dropping that self-importance that tears the heart of Jesus. Have you set any goals?

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Cathy said...

Can I enroll my 17yrs. old twins for some good teaching. Blessings to your family.