Thursday, January 14, 2010

Better Late Than Never.............

To say Kendall wasn't happy to see Santa is an understatment! She had been telling us "Hanta cary" (Santa Scary). But the day we went she was excited and said she wanted to talk to Santa...... Boy, do girls have the perogative to change their mind! The boys just crack me up, they seem oblivious to her melt down and Santa, well he was just thrilled to NOT be the one to get the screaming child. I did feel bad, as we left the line there were numerous kids crying. Ithink we started a bad thing.

At our house we are a really crazy bunch! Rarely is there a dull moment and my kiddos have never been heard saying "I'm bored". I think they know better, running a working livestock farm, having a family of 7, having a hubby that works quite a distance from home who is also working on a second career, and me working on a new business and also keeping up with some consulting work makes us a bit crazy!!

So, in turn we are not always .... okay rarely ever do we do things on time. I thought I would be sharing the pictures from our trip to see Santa. I have found though that I am absolutely useless at the scanner and can't remember to ask my hubby. So in an effort to share our fun moment with Santa I took a picture with my cell and then posted it......geeeesh!

A picture of Tiffany and Kendall or as we call her "mini me". She does LOVE her sister!

I also wanted to share a few Kendall bringing in the New Year pictures. She loved the noise blowers and got very good at them. As I watch the new year roll around I sit back and count my blessings..... blessings to numerous to count. Healthy family, a warm dry home, food on the table, fresh water to drink. As I look at my kids I can only imagine the Mothers in Haiti who don't know how they will care for their children in the midst of the horrific earthquake.

Take a moment, pray, donate, be a help to those that need it so much.

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