Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye to 2010

Kendall with he dollhouse, she loved the dollhouse and Fancy Nancy Princess bed from Santa

The boys love their new Nintendo DS's

The girls opening Christmas gifts
Wow! Where did the year go? Every year I find myself sitting wishing I had done more.... more one on one kid specific things, before I know it my little brood is all going to to way to busy to spend time with me. Here I sit again this year, we had a great time this year. I absolutely love homeschooling the kids, I get great joy in seeing them learn and grow. The boys are growing so fast, they are becoming such big kids.

Logan is working primarily on 5th grade work with the exception of Math. In Math he is ahead of the grade and works at the 6th grade level. I'm so proud of him, this Math mind did NOT come from me! He is just a smarty. Continuing with Piano and soccer, he also added baseball this year. Logan's asthma and allergies continue to be a problem but not as bad as in the past.

Taylor, also really blossomed this year, he was able to go a group ahead in his Sunday school class. His ability at the piano just amazes me, he truly has a gift with catching on. This year Taylor also got his first pair of glasses. He looks so cute in them. He even learned that he does like to read when he likes the topic... yay! Piano and soccer were on his list of activities and this year he also thinks that he would like to join in baseball.

Our little princess is just that... a little princess. She loves all things princess! She loves tutus, and "glass" slippers, babies are fun and she loves being a girl. She potty-trained in a week after being told that she couldn't go to dance class if she pottied in her pants... if only I had tried that earlier. She is a true performer and loves to sing. This little one wakes in the morning singing and given the chance to get on stage she loves to belt out a tune for a crowd. Love her enthusiasm! She even got a taste of skiing this winter, so far she is a great part of the group and loves it!

The big girls also had big years. Courtney was accepted and started into Radiology classes and hopes to have a degree in 1 1/2 years. I hope in my heart when the time comes she heads back towards home to carry out her career. I LOVE it when she gets to come home and spend a bit of time with us. Tiffany also had a big year passing the first part of the RN coursework and getting her LPN degree. She is loving driving her new car and is still working at Lowes. I hope she gets enrolled in school and can find a job that she loves.

We learned so much this year and life is sweeter and more precious if that is possible. We became acquainted with SMA this year, a horrible killer of children. We have changed how we live our everyday lives trying to make sure we make more people aware of this disease in an effort to raise funds to find a cure so no family has to say goodbye to their children because of SMA. Our little business more than doubled in sales and we have added a lot of extra items to the store. Our hopes for 2011 include continued growth and the ability to keep caught I LOVE the work and passion that we have put towards the fight against SMA. The families we have come to know are precious and we would do anything for them.

Tim is moving along and changed stores this summer, he is closer to home and we like that a lot. He hasn't spent as much time working on his appraisal license this year. Hopefully we will tackle that next year. We didn't spend all our free time working on the house for the first year since we lived here. We are getting there, moving along and soon we will be able to finish off the garage giving us believe it or not more needed space.

I have great hopes and prayers for our friends and family in 2011. I have a huge hole in my heart in loosing my sweet Sushi. She truly was a one in a million. I could nap with her beside me in the chair with Max 2 ft away and know she wouldn't bother him. I could tell she knew how much I loved her........ the hole is the pits and one look down our road and the tears fall over the brim of my lids...... I miss her sooo much.

Have a wonderful 2011! I hope to make better use of my blog, I want to document the crazy insane life we lead. I

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Postworthy Post

I know, I know............. it's been a long time. A really long time... My life has been spinning, spinning on a small base. My homeschooling boys and Kendall keep me hopping and along with their big sisters I am truly blessed.... I mean big time flat out blessed. Then along came my awareness about SMA through our little hat business and well, life has not been the same since. I'm glad that it hasn't.... we spend time in our everyday life trying to bring awareness to this horrible genetic killer.....

But today, today I spent a great time with my kids. We got out the Santa given skis and gave them a spin. A great time was had by all and the day flew. We were having such a wonderful day, a day of laughter and smiles.

That is, it was until we topped the crest in the road by our house.... and in the brief second life once again changed.... the cogs in the wheels came to a screaming stop as I looked out and saw my 2 kittys laying in the road. DEAD...... I really hate dead.... These two were SO special to me, Casper a gorgeous long-haired black kitty had come such a long way. Traumatized by a neighbor dog when tiny, she had such a hard time trusting but she was coming along and even coming in to the edge of the sunroom. And then laying beside her in the road the most horrible shock of all. My sweet Sushi, although she was a "barn" cat she thought she was the queen. She spent most of our awake hours in a chair mostly with me sitting right beside her. A gorgeous cat she was one in a million. She never left the chair unless it was time to go out. She never minded the bird 1 1/2 ft from her. You see I think she was my angel, after Maggie died Sushi started to beg to come in and she sat right with me never trying to move around or be nosey. She was my companion when Maggie couldn't be..... my animals have been such important characters, especially after we lost Mackenzie. I could cry when I wanted and they never got tired of me talking about all things Mackenzie. I couldn't lay that burden on my family but my animals were always willing and eager to be a listening ear.

But why did they have to be taken?? I know this won't stop me in my tracks, I know this is probably part of some grand plan, (I don't think I like the plan very much at this moment). All I do know is that my chair is going to be lonely and not as warm as it was for the rest of the winter. My heart is broken and my heart just can't believe I will never see her again.

I know, I know.......... she is just a cat... they are both JUST cats. So try and tell my heart that one.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

SMA what does it mean?

Today is the biggest Blog Post Party ever! Well, I wanted to be a prat of that wouldn't you? We all want to belong right? Well, for some people SMA means belonging to a group, a group of people in the fight of their lives..... a fight to save their incredibly beautiful children.

SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) is a disease you see. A disease that not enough people know about. Being a part of this group is not always fun, exciting, or where you want to be. You see these are the facts about SMA

SMA is the leading genetic killer of infants.

SMA steals these beautiful children's ability to move.

SMA robs children of the ability to cough or breathe unassisted.

SMA affects seemingly perfect babies.

SMA is an orphan disease and due to lack of future profits drug companies are not interested in spending research dollars.

1 in 40 people carry the gene for SMA!

SMA steals over 90% of its victims before they turn 1 year old.

The National Institute of Health says that SMA is the closest neuro muscular disease to treatment or a cure.

SMA does not affect the mind. These incredible children are bright and love to interact and play.

SMA is causing families to band together in a way that many families would love to.

SMA families have incredible tenacity, they will do anything to raise funds and awareness to save their children and thousands of others....

My introduction to SMA was not through one of my children but through a blog post, it was asking for votes to get funds for research. The little video clip that came with it changed my life..... Through our own loss of a child my heart was broken for these families that are given such a diagnosis. To have no choice but watch the child you love more than your own life suffer and die. I knew at that moment our little shop needed to become involved. I knew that if we all became involved and we all spoke about SMA that changes would happen and cures could be quicker. Funding for this disease should not fall on the shoulders of sweet families living in the moment with their precious children.

So, our little store has pledged to walk alongside families fighting this monster. We will continue to donate money, raise awareness, and celebrate the lives of these children! We hand out magnets, bracelets, and sell butterflies. Oh, these very special butterflies with incredible Gwendolyn's name on them. We created this special design as a symbol of hope. As a reminder that with funding comes a cure that will allow these children to move and jump just like a butterfly bursting out of its cocoon. These special butterflies are little pieces of art. Each one is designed with hand painted threads, hand blown beads and colors that will knock your socks off. The sale of each of those gives a 60% return to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation for research. One of the ways we can continue to raise finds and awareness.

Watch the clip and see how it moves you!

Here is a Gwendolyn butterfly, isn't it beautiful?!?! If you would like one just go to the Bebessentials site and pick one out. Then sit down and think of a way YOU can make a difference.

You can also go to this link and vote for GSF to receive a 20K research award! Please copy and pste the link, I couldn't get it to work in link form.... Just a few clicks for research funds for SMA.

Friday, August 20, 2010

How will your tapestry look in the end.....

The Weaving
My life is but a weaving, between my God and me;
I do not choose the colors, He works so steadily.
Often times He weaves in sorrow, and I, in foolish pride,
forget He sees the upper, and the underside.

Not till the loom is silent, and shuttles cease to fly,
will God unroll the canvas and explain the reasons why.

The dark threads are as needful in the skillful Weaver's hand,
as threads of gold and silver in the pattern he has planned.

This is so inciteful to me, the tapestry that we sometimes see is so dark and hard. The journey painful, but then as the entire picture becomes more visable we see how necessary the painful time was for us to enjoy the beauty of the complete picture.....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Miracles take more than a moment!

Since it is SMA Awareness month I wanted to share a story.....

Do you believe in coincidence? I don't and really never have, I was blessed to be raised by parents that were able to point out those little "coincidences" and show the BIG picture. This summer I lived one of those miracles, right in front of me, like the magic trick of a great magician. See what you think..........

My friend Melissa & I own a hat and hair accessory business called Beb-e-ssentials. We sell online or at craft and art shows. Every since we started the business I have wanted to go to the Troy Strawberry Festival, it is legendary in the food department around here and well, for obvious "strawberry" reasons I wanted to go. When we looked it up the deadline had already happened and they said NO LATE ENTRIES. Bummer! I sent off an e-mail anyway trying to beg our way in. Then we looked again and the site said that they were still accepting a few entries (miracle 1) So Melissa sent in our application with pictures of our crafts to see if we would be selected. A few days later we found out we were in!

A couple months went by and we busily prepared for the show. We wanted to take a good selection and also take our SMA/Gwendolyn Strong Foundation information and butterflies. As the time got closer our excitement grew. Finally it was the day of the show! the plan was for me to go ahead, set-up, and work the first part of the day. Melissa would be home with Caitlin working at her garage sale. I got everything set-up and as I hung the Gwendolyn Butterflies on the board I prayed that we would sell all 12 over the weekend. You see for every Gwendolyn Butterfly sold we donate 6.00 or 60% to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. I have been prodded and led to work hard (God can do that you know)to promote awareness for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and help to raise funds for the much needed research to find a cure. We did a fund raiser over Mother's Day and did very well but I wanted to be able to start giving more often. So as the show started things were moving but not the butterflies... then the clouds rolled in. Very threatening clouds, clouds and storms that were bad enough to evacuate people to the stadium. I asked the man beside me, a army veteran, what we should do. He had told me he been working shows for over 40years! He calmly looked out from under his awning and shook his head.... "Nah, it not going to be bad, the most of it will blow over. I'm staying right here...." so after he declined my offer to sit in our tent with the sides on it, I rolled down the sides and put my chair in the middle and waited. As the wind howled and rain beat the little tent I got a bit scared and aggravated. I started praying in aggravation that with this weather we would never sell the 12 butterflies I had brought. We wouldn't be able to donate the money! The wind and rain whipped the tent around for what seemed like forever.... I think it was more like 30 minutes.

When it all settled down there was mud EVERYWHERE! People were walking along their shoes covered and with mud up their legs! But the shopping continued and I got busy and didn't think anymore about my prayer. When Melissa came I escaped long enough to go find something Strawberry to eat. Once I got up on the levy I shopped and tried to pick the best strawberry snack. I walked back and forth a couple times looking for the best deal. After I got my food I headed back to the booth but on the way I heard a voice saying "ducks for sale, anybody want to buy a duck?" (# 2 miracle)I walked over and asked a few questions of the sweet ladies behind the table. They were selling rubber ducks as a fund raiser to raise money for next year's event. Ducks were 5.00 each and the plan was to dump barrels of rubber ducks off one bridge and award prizes to the 1st through 4th place ducks as they made it to the next bridge. 1st place was $1,000.00, 2nd through 4th were local food places. They also gave a prize of a 500.00 gas card to the last place duck. I thought about it for a moment and then I was given a wonderful idea the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation needed a duck! I told the ladies selling the ducks about SMA and let them know I would be back in the morning. I ran back down the hill to our booth. That night I posted as a last minute thought that we were buying a duck and anyone that wanted a duck could message me. Well, after the long day I got a late start in the morning and forgot to check the messages. Once Melissa got these she asked me if I saw the message. One of the families dealing with SMA posted to buy 100.00 worth of ducks.... Wow! (#3 miracle)So I grabbed our SMA information sheet and some Gwendolyn Butterflies and I went up to buy our ducks.

I got all the information so I could photograph the "duck launch" and put the event in pictures. I wanted to give a smile to the families and spread the word..... I stood at the bridge for a long time..... a very long time. Finally I ran back to the table and the ladies told me that the water was too high from the storm and the ducks would be selected out of the community pool. I found out where it was and off I went camera in hand! I wanted to get pictures of Gwennie, our ducks! Once I got there I had a really hard time seeing to get pictures so I went around to see if I could step in. A really BIG guy came and told me nobody was allowed in, after I explained our story he said "Okay, you and only you!" (#4 miracle) Wow, I thanked him and headed in staying WAY out of the way. I started to snap shots when the girls came in. The Queen and her court would pick the ducks. They were given strict instructions on how to pull a duck from the wading pool. I snapped and snapped till the ducks were picked. Then I ran back to our tent and told Melissa how it all went. We got back to business and forgot all about it.

During the last hour of business we heard an announcement about all the winners of the several awards given during the show. They started with the duck race and the first place award, as we listened they announced The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation as the winner!!! We about jumped out of the tent!!! We scared the ladies in the tent shopping! $1,000.00 for RESEARCH!!! (#5 miracle, a BIG one!) We had 21 ducks in the race, 21 out of 1,007!!!! I checked the pictures that I had taken and I actually took the picture of the Queen pulling her duck from the water! How cool!!!

When I got a call the next day they told us we had won. I guess they didn't hear us yelling during the show! I went to the office the next day and picked up a check, posed for pictures, and met the Duck Race organizer.... none other than the BIG guy that I had met at the pool! I gave a interview about SMA to the newspaper and got some GREAT news! They asked us if we would partner with them next year. (#6 miracle)They want to give 1.00 of every duck sold to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation! Remember this year they sold 1,007 ducks. Next year they have asked us to work with the Duck Race booth to sell more ducks! What that tells me is more Awareness!!!

When we did a final check I found another little "God thing". We took 12 Butterflies to sell, we sold 5. If you remember in the Bible five fishes fed thousands.... we had 7 left. Seven loaves of bread was fed with the 5 fishes... I was SO worried and disappointed when the rain came that we wouldn't sell the 12 butterflies, if we had sold them we would have donated $72.00. Instead, God took control and we were able to do "infinitely more". $30.00 for butterflies and $1,000.0from our winning duck! ..... one of my favorite verses......

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power
at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.
Ephesians 3:20

Who says prayers aren't answered?!?!!?

Don't forget August is SMA Awareness month!

Enjoy a few pictures from the race!

our entry form

the pace duck

ducks in the wading pool

ducks ducks ducks...... do you see Gwennie?

The Queen saw her, and picked her!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jimmie Johnson Helmet of Hope

This is a portion of the notification from the foundation, another avenue for awareness has opened up!

Johnson Adds 2 More Charities to Samsung Helmet of Hope
Foundation for Faces of Children and The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Newest Additions

CONCORD, N.C. (Aug. 2, 2010) – Foundation for Faces of Children (Brookline, Mass.) and The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (Santa Barbara, Calif.) are the newest additions to the Jimmie Johnson Foundation’s Samsung Helmet of Hope, the race helmet Johnson will wear during the Sprint Cup Series event at Auto Club Speedway in October.

Each organization will also receive a grant of $10,000.

Bill Strong of Santa Barbara, Calif. nominated The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, which seeks to raise awareness about and fund research for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the leading genetic killer of young children.

“Our daughter Gwendolyn was born in October 2007,” explained Strong. “She was perfectly healthy at first, but was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at six-months. SMA is a genetic disease that affects children all over the world and is currently a death sentence with no treatment or cure.”

“As parents, it was impossible to do nothing,” added Strong. “In 2009, we started the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to raise awareness of SMA and funding to accelerate groundbreaking research towards a cure. Including the foundation logo on Jimmie's helmet would be incredible in raising much needed awareness of SMA and furthering our cause to end it.”

In its third year, the Samsung Helmet of Hope program is a partnership of the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, Samsung and Lowe’s. Fans and media members across the country have the opportunity to nominate their children’s charity of choice to be featured on Johnson’s helmet for a select race. New this year, selected charities will also receive a grant of $10,000. This partnership is part of the Samsung Hope for Children program, a corporate giving program that aligns athletes and retail partners to help children learn, live and thrive.

Johnson will draw one winner from a list of media submissions and one from a list of fan submissions each race weekend through the Atlanta event in September. The first two charities selected were Beads of Courage (Tucson, Ariz.) and Hunter's Hope Foundation (Orchard Park, N.Y.) They join the Feeding America® Kids Café program, which was nominated by Samsung to kick-off this year’s campaign program. The Kids Café program works to address the growing epidemic facing children’s hunger.

Fans and media members may nominate their charity by visiting

For more information about the most recently selected charities, visit and

Pretty cool huh? It is like SMA families have been given an open window to share their passion and message to save their children by curing the SMA monster.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hmmmm that is the number on the counter for the blog..... I thought for the most part I was alone here. I know I have some faithful readers but 19,998 is kind of a big number!

So, I guess till my next new blog post if you comment your name will go in a hat and Kendall will pick a winner of a prize from Beb-e-ssentials. Working on the next post now so hurry with the comments......

Oh,and I hear that a favorite charity of mine has been picked for a nice prize! Stop back to hear the details. I want them to tell first, afterall it is their charity. I'm just thrilled they won!

Comment away...............

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Chapter in our lives..............

We have embarked on life with middlers..... You know not toddlers or little kids. The boys have left for a fun week at camp..... yes I said a week! We were a bit nervous but the "signs" kept telling me to go ahead. They are getting SO big and were so excited. We had a lot of concerns with Logan and his asthma and allergies but they have 3 nurses on staff and they seemed to be very "on it".

We found out a bout it all on Friday so it has been a weekend of scurrying..... all of the "list" items. clothes, bug spray, flashlights, snaks, swim suits, flip flops for the showers.... as for the showers Tim thought maybe we should just shave their heads so they would have dirty hair for the week...... yea, I just needed him to tell me that to remind me why we cut the office carpet out where Logan got sick.....

Anyway the boys are thrilled! They had NO problem telling me goodbye.... well just that they were running so fast they couldn't turn around. I know they will have fun and make a load of memories. The 4 pack including Solomon and Elijah will be VERY tired Friday at pick up!

What will I do.......... well my stuff plus their chores. I also plan on updating their room with "big kid" stuff!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Fun!

We have very easily slid into "summer fun" at our busy house. Our much less hectic schedule is a welcome change for all of us. We are also a bit more lazy... ha ha. Without the more rigid home school schedule we have made time to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather. The boys are up and out pretty early everyday, something that doesn't happen during the year. Kendall and I actually get to be late sleepers which I love since most nights I see 2-3 a.m. before I finish my "hat business" work.

The boys are growing a garden again this year and everything looks great except the tomatoes in a bale. That one didn't work well at all! I think next year we need to fertilize for a longer period before we plant since we use organic fertilizers. They are also reading alot! The idea of book reports for every book has dissipated must to there happiness.

Today we built the Little Tykes climber for Kendall, attached the new trampoline bumper, also strung lead lines up the side of the house for the vines that have out grown the trellis. The kids have had a blast watching how fast this vine grows.

I got ready to build the fire pit for the patio but it was SO hot I whimped out. My thumb is still only working about 10% and building the climber about did me in. Instead we came in and the boys finally got to start to learn how to crochet. They have been begging for quite a while and they got a real eye-opening when they tried to make a chain. They had thought today they could make themselves hats.... hmmm they did really well but made it through chain and single stitch. Then after nap time we hopped in the car and headed to the pool. I grabbed the camera and got some fun shots of the kids so beware picture overload is attached!

I can't believe how big my "littles" are getting! Kendall was a bit wary of the water at first but then easily slipped into watergirl mode. The boys are so big, they didn't even want to pose for me.... too busy Mom! I feel SO blessed to have my kids in my life. I'm not sure much of the time that I deserve them but I sure am thankful to God that I've had them.... all 6 of them. Mackenzie is never far from my mind and my driving force to be a better human.

As we are pulled through our summer at jet speed my mind is ever on the SMA community. They are so desperate for a cure to save their babies and honor the ones that have already earned heavenly wings.... the pain in my heart for these sweet parents is sometimes overwhelming. We have been working working through Beb-e-ssentials to raise awareness and ever needed funds to stomp this monster into the ground. What have you done to help your cause or benefit? Don't have one??? Jump on board the Stomp SMA train. We would love some more soldiers!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The walk I am on..................

The walk I am on right now is one of choice. I can freely come and go whenever I choose. Well, maybe I can, part of me is sure that I couldn't walk away even if I wanted to. That little tiny 2 minute and 43 second clip changed me! I feel a peace, I feel tired, I feel so fortunate to be able to be of service. I feel heartbroke for so many families that can't just walk away.

The SMA disease has trapped thousands into a life of uncertainty. Yes, thousands.... Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a sneaky monster that 1 in 40 people are unknowingly carriers of. Think about those odds... 1 in 40! There is exciting news on the horizon for families and children dealing with SMA. With funding the first human trials could start as early as 18 months from now! Little ones that are living with this cruel disease could have treatment before it is too late! YOU can help this be possible... think about THAT! YOU could be the person that makes the difference. You can click on our Beb-e-ssentials link in the corner or you can go to and find out more information.

I feel a bit like a broken record and you might be thinking so too BUT I also feel lead and compelled to continue to spread the word. To find the person that hasn't heard about SMA. To find the person who cares enough to help make a difference.

So, I guess this is the walk I have been asked to walk and you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, June 18, 2010

How is it????

If I say SMA what do you hear? Do you hear SMA- the leading genetic killer of children under 2? Or do you hear SMA- what?!?! SMA hmmm What is that? I didn't know what it was but for my one of the "light bulb" moments literally hit me upside the head when I watched the little video. My heart was in love with the beautiful children and horrified for the life that these sweet parents must live..... life on the ledge. Head over heals in love with your beautiful child, such special kids........ have you seen them? the most beautiful children. Such expressive eyes........ but at the same time these parents live with the horror that their cherished child will struggle and die a horrible death.

Maybe the fact that we lived in a corner of their lives for just a little while. At 19 weeks pregnant with Mackenzie we were given devastating news that our child had a deadly heart defect. It would steal her away from us, how could this be happening? The sweet baby that we were blessed with would be taken. Her heart couldn't keep up with her growing body, we lived the next couple weeks in disbelief. Then as they predicted at 21 weekes 6 days her heart just couldn't keep up. Then she was gone, we had to learn a new normal, a new way to get up everyday and walk through the day and be a parent to our other children.

So I guess I understand from a tiny pin point their life. BUT I didn't SEE my daughter fail. I never got to hold her but I never had to watch her struggle. I didn't get to spend time with her outside my body but I didn't have to spend time seeing her pain. I never got to know her, but I never had to grieve knowing what I had lost.

SO my new life, my new passion is to see this disease defeated. To see these children given "life" sentences instead of death sentences. My tears just won't stop. I stand in awe of these sweet parents, who stand vigil over their babies. Who are fighting the fight of their lives. Who daily see people who "don't have time" to notice the pain and lend a hand.

God is SO in this at my house. Prayers are being answered in BIG ways. Through our little company we have been able to give money that would have NEVER been available to give. Tim's income was hit like everyone else's and mine almost completely dried up.. not too many people needing to go to llama shows and blow a lot of money for a weekend of fun in this economy, and 5 kids depending on us at different levels.

BUT Money has come in! Money that has led to awareness, SMA needs to be like saying polio. We all know what it is but nobody dies from it anymore. There is SUCH incredible hope, but it seems over-ridden by sand slipping through the hour glass of so many kids lives. My mind races, God is sending me in directions to do things I would NEVER do. But it is all good, all part of God's plan.

How is it that the world just keeps spinning?? A few short months ago I found out about a ruthless killer of children. A killer that sneaks in a steals these sweet babies while their Mother's and Father's are praying for a cure. Praying, begging, and pleading. For me this has an importance that some people can't understand.

Here are a few pictures of some of our blessings......

Taylor, my funny boy

Logan playing piano

Kendall on potty duty

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's a bird, no it's a plane......... no it's


I had to laugh when Kendall popped into the sunroom wearing this mask today. We have been trying, no begging Kendall to poo in the potty for about 3 weeks now. She seems to do pretty well with the whole tinkle thing. We have accidents but overall getting pretty good. BUT the poo department is a whole different thing. She gets super embarrased and after one incident months ago when she actually poo'd in the potty that was it. She absoultely would not go on the potty. Instead she would escape somewhere and then surprise us in a really bad way...... I have to admit teaching school to the boys and potty training her has been tough. It is really hard for me to watch her every minute and she seems to know it. Little Stinker!

BUT, after a partial miss today she got very excited and actually did the stinky deed on the potty tonight!!! Yea, happy dancing mommy here, tired of spraying out princess panties in the yard with the water hose. :( A joyful site for sure for those passing by in cars. Her reward is M&Ms and she has been bargaining for more than one M&M. She gets 1 for tinkle and 3 for poo. She has been bargaining 4.... don't tell her but by this week I would have given her the bag if she would just GO poo on the potty! After we did have success tonight I said "Yay!!! You get M&Ms how many do you get Kendall, Do you get 4"? She looked at me, shook her head and said "No, I want 2". So 2 she got as she clapped and smiled..... gotta love kids.... especially when they poo in the potty!

My Baby is getting SO big!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is your chance!

Well, we are in the home stretch of the Gwendolyn Strong fundraiser, have you placed your order yet? You can pop over to Gwendolyn's site and see pictures of all the kids wearing their hats, clippies, and headbands to support GSF. Remember these things..........

1 in 40 people are carriers of SMA

SMA is the biggest genetic killer of our children usually before the age of 2

The National Institute of Health says SMA is closest disease to being cured or treated. It goes on to say that SMA a cure for SMA will be a gateway to curing many other diseases

SMA can call on any of our families at any time, wouldn't you want a cure first?

Your shopping with Beb-e-ssentials will give money directly to GSF. You can also donate directly.............

Mother's Day is Sunday, think of all the Mom's that dream of having their child give them a hug, sit up, walk, jump play and not be sentenced to death. Give in the name of a family that just wants their child to live........

Let's kick SMA in the proverbial bottom..............

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Got any spare prayers???

I am asking for a sweet "blog" family friend. This is such a God-Loving family, living with the beast of infertility. After numerous miscarriages, adoptions and adoption attempts have left them heart broken at times and truly blessed at others. They have never been a "why me" family. Never complained that things were too hard.

Last week we all got a peek.... a glimpse of the biggest miracle. One that they had prayed for. This week they have been shaken to their core. At her u/s there are markers for a birth anomaly. This could be a wide spectrum of things from life changing to life taking. Please pray God's protection and peace for them. Allow them to see the path and journey and rejoice in it. Give them the blessing they have longed for. I have no doubt that they will handle all this with more grace than I seem to be.... But, could you just say a few prayers, God knows who they are. He is standing beside them now as they anxiously wait for test results.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Let your life be changed...... it only takes 2 minutes

I have always felt like I was a compassionate person......... lover of all things kids and animals. I have felt strongly for a lot of causes.... or at least I thought so. I have sat in tears for so many children, children lost, families in pain. I have felt that pain, I have lived it. So, I thought I had a handle on the whole compassion thing.

That was until the Chase Community Give and I "met" Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn is 2 years old...... Gwendolyn is adorable, ...... Gwendolyn has SMA. SMA?? What is SMA?? Well, don't feel bad if you don't know... I didn't either. I didn't know until I spent 2 minutes watching a video clip .... a clip that took my breath, made me cry, ...changed my life. There is nothing more important to me right now than to increase awareness and raise money for treatment and ultimately a cure! I WANT THESE BEAUTIFUL BABIES TO LIVE LONG LIVES!!!


I can't imagine the pain as a parent of watching your child slowly become paralyzed. having a mind that is crisp and no way to express it. To not be able to run, jump, wave, set up, eat, swallow, or breathe. How could you do it? Well, Gwendolyn's Mom and Dad are doing it, they are living in the moment, giving their daughter fun and being the fiercest warriors I have ever seen! They want a cure and will stop at nothing less. Please!!! take a moment watch the video and ask yourself "Would I do something if it were my child, my grandchild, my niece??? Watch the clip, listen to the scary statistics.... BE CHANGED!

Beb-e-ssentials is teaming up with the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to raise awareness and research dollars. Please click on the link and shop. This is our fund raiser details

20% of any custom bucket hat
30% of any other item except our new special item
60% of all Gwendolyn Butterfly sales
The Gwendolyn Butterfly is absolutely beautiful. Hand painted threads are used to create this beautiful 2 inch butterfly. Each has Gwendolyn's favorite color pink incorporated in the colors. Each one is a one of a kind piece of art. Like a butterfly locked in a cocoon SMA has Gwendolyn and her friends "locked up". Let your research dollars unlock them and let them jump, hop, & fly!

We will be drawing for a fun fun prize, you get 1 chance for every 15.00 ordered.
This fund raiser will run through Mother's Day weekend.

If you don't order PLEASE go to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation site and donate! Let's make sure that no more babies have to live locked in the prison of SMA.

Please, help make a change............. it only takes 2 minutes and could change SO many lives PLEASE........

Saturday, April 3, 2010

In your Easter Bonnet

So today is the day............ can you imagine. In all your grief of your child being murdered in a cruel horrible public death you make the long trek to go mourn. You walk in your sandals along the dusty path, you drag your aching body along the path. As you turn the corner you see that not only has your child been killed but now his body has been stolen.

As you enter the tomb you are met by angels telling you not to look for the living amoung the dead.... WHAT?!?! how can that be??? You witnessed a terrible death of your child.... and now you are told he lives.

I think my heart would just burst through my skin if it were me..... my life would be different. Well, it did happen, ...... are you different?

Here is just a few fun shots of our Easter egg hunt today at church. I only got to see Kendall. The kids are all in groups you see and not only are the big kids too fast to get on normal people film BUT I had to go along with Kendall and beg her to pick up the pretty eggs....... YOu see she saw them, she even liked them but she didn't really want to pick them up and put them in her bag. It was a bit like asking her to pick up the toys at home. I didn't get too upset about it though,it seems that 1 & 2 yr olds don't really like to gather eggs. We parents are GREAT cheerleaders though our powers of inspiration got quite creative!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My silly but oh so sweet littles...................

Not a lot of words but thats okay. Pictures are usually better right? We have been crazy busy and all waiting on the edge of our seats for the weather to break. I wanted to post some pictures of my "littles" aka 10 and under group.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We've Launched!!!!

That's right, the new and improved has launched! Our old site was okay... you know fairly functional and it did show product. But it didn't have a cart and the pictures were "professionally" done on my couch with the ceiling fan light. Now with Melissa's computer genius and Angie Woodward's photography skills, our site is COOL! Pop over and see for yourself.

While your there give this little tidbit a thought. For every hat or beanie you buy we will donate one to special kids who are on a journey that will tax their entire family. A life threatening journey that will cause them to loose their hair. Our hope is that the chance to get to pick a special hat will give them a chance to smile and have fun, more than just a hat ... a bit of hope. While wearing it that they feel not only normal but like a superstar.
We call this new division "Hat's for Hope" we send special hats filled with hopes and prayers.

I haven't asked myself once if the "hat business" (as my husband calls it) is worth it. Seeing smiles from kids wearing our hats is such a reward! Today I got to see a little piece of heaven when I checked up on one of my favorite blogs and saw a smiling Zoey wearing her colorful birthday hat. I tell you this little girl just takes my breath away, through her journeys in life she always has such zeal. I think she also has the coolest Mom, I tag along "blog stalk" her and she doesn't mind at all.

Here are some fun pix of Kendall playing hat model, I may have permanently ruined her. I have her model all the hats for a sneek peek for the purchaser to make sure we are perfect. Now she stops me mid stitch and insists I "try" hats on her. She is my walking, talking, sloppy kissing, measuring gauge.

Here is the link

Matthew 19:26
Jesus said, with man alone this is impossible but with God ALL things are possible.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I try and try..................

to post more often but I can't seem to do it. I started a blog for a lot of reasons, to document our crazy lives, to share our story to maybe comfort others, and to allow friends and family a view inside in case I forget to call on a regular basis....... yes, sadly that does happen. With 5 kids here on earth, 2 of them in college, 2 in school around the kitchen table, and one crazy 2yr old who might just be hanging from the lights. I would be busy. Add to that the fact that I am out of town judging llama shows some weekends, maintaining our livestock farm, and trying to be a help to families who are living with the grief of loosing someone important. Then you see that there are reasons that some days I find myself still in pajamas mid-afternoon. Not enough sleep from late nights and early mornings cause me to do silly things. Like last week when I realized half way to church that I was still sporting my slippers.............sigh

BUT, I feel lucky to be able to stay home with my kids and be a driving force in their lives. I feel blessed through all the storms we have lived through and will no doubt continue to find ourselves in.

Last fall while trying to figure out how I could do something more to make a difference I was given an idea. I had been making hair accessories and hats for my daughter since she was born. We always got compliments and a friend said I should sell them to others. I laughed, then I started thinking. I called a friend and pitched she the idea. How would she like to go into business? She agreed and we were off, we were not sure WHAT we were doing or how we would be received. Before we knew it we started to get offers, little bits... ways to help encourage and support others. What started out as fun hats and bows for my baby has become something special. A way to help and bless others. How cool is that????? Right now we have just been contacted by a sweet Mom who is living a life that is anything but easy. One of their 2yr old twin girls has 3 brain issues, she is now awaiting surgery on her brain. Her 10th in her short 2 yrs on earth..... yes 10 times she has been in surgery. More than that her sweet Mom in shouldering this herself, see Abby's Daddy is in the Military stationed over-seas. He is working to help make sure we all live free and safe. What a sacrifice............. And you know what Abby's Mom Summer just sings praise to God for her journey, she wants awareness for others through Abby's struggle. You see the amazing part is they were told Abby was "imcompatible with life". I hate that phrase but LOVE it when God says "only I get to make that call". Their story is amazing and you can follow Abby's journey on Face Book at prayers for Abbygayle Marie Robinson.

Will you pray???? Will you spread the word????? Would you if it was YOUR child???

They want people to know more so that more research is done and cures are found.

So, I guess I feel God's pressence in my life saying "spread the word"... "make a difference" So our store is doing just that. We are making fun hats for Abby and Emma as a gift to help them feel special, and to help a family struggling for awareness....

I also am ready to send out a special hat to little Zoey, I love to read along Zoey's blog. My little glimpse of "what might have been". See Zoey just had a birthday and evey girl needs a new hat for their birthday. I hope she loves it, I made her a very vibrant, colorful hat. One that reminds me of her when she smiles that beautiful smile with those twinkly eyes.......

So here is a small selection of hats..... what do you think?

Okay, so I better get to bed so the clocks can change and I can loose an hour of sleep.... really!?!?! another one?????

As my sweet Kendall proudly says "God lubs ME!"