Saturday, April 3, 2010

In your Easter Bonnet

So today is the day............ can you imagine. In all your grief of your child being murdered in a cruel horrible public death you make the long trek to go mourn. You walk in your sandals along the dusty path, you drag your aching body along the path. As you turn the corner you see that not only has your child been killed but now his body has been stolen.

As you enter the tomb you are met by angels telling you not to look for the living amoung the dead.... WHAT?!?! how can that be??? You witnessed a terrible death of your child.... and now you are told he lives.

I think my heart would just burst through my skin if it were me..... my life would be different. Well, it did happen, ...... are you different?

Here is just a few fun shots of our Easter egg hunt today at church. I only got to see Kendall. The kids are all in groups you see and not only are the big kids too fast to get on normal people film BUT I had to go along with Kendall and beg her to pick up the pretty eggs....... YOu see she saw them, she even liked them but she didn't really want to pick them up and put them in her bag. It was a bit like asking her to pick up the toys at home. I didn't get too upset about it though,it seems that 1 & 2 yr olds don't really like to gather eggs. We parents are GREAT cheerleaders though our powers of inspiration got quite creative!

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