Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas!

Well, things are finally winding down here for the night. We had two Christmas celebrations about 150 miles apart tonight and everything has been brought home and put in its place..... Too bad my family can't do the same thing, you see we drove 2 hours and 30 minutes to my parents and when we got in the driveway we realized that we had forgot the gifts!! What!?!?! Yep, left them right by the door as we rushed out to not be late. Which we were not! We even beat my brother and his kids and live 25 minutes away. But no gifts...... oh well, we did remember all the kids.

Now the gear for Santa to pop in and bring gifts. We are all waiting to see when the kids are up in the morning. They have been given instruction to play quiely in their room till daylight. I forecast it being in the dark which makes it crazy for me to be here at this hour. I have breakfast ready and in the oven just waiting to be baked. Dinner is prepped and I am already planning a nap, we'll see if I get it.
I am finally feeling a bit better, a new specialist and a new diagnosis. Chronic Reflux! oh that and a strained back. The 2 are not together, so in time and with meds I will feel better..... Thank you God!

We have been so blessed once again this year, we have so many blessings. Sometimes it is hard to see the blessings but each step God sends us on is a planned path. It easily brings me to tears to think of that night so long ago in a stable where Mary gave birth to a child, a tiny child sent to save the world. I can only imagine how she felt looking into her sweet baby's face.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Only at our house....................

We often fondly refer to our house as "the zoo". Last night was just another example of that. Courtney had come home from school, the long awaited visit. We were all so excited to see her and spend time with her. When she is at school we miss her terribly. SO...... we decided to start our visit with a movie. I had heard he Jonathan Sperry was a good family movie and with all the ages we have that seemed great. On top of that we got to see i at the Danbarry Dollar Saver. 1.75 per seat! They also have an all you can eat deal on the horrible/yummy for you popcorn and pop. I packed our movie bag complete with containers and covered drinks for the little kids. So we hopped in the car and took off. As we left Taylor said he didn't feel well. I didn't think much about it, all the running around and excitement of seeing Courtney probably.

We met Tim at the theater and bought our tickets. Then I got into line for popcorn and drinks. As I stood there Tim and then Taylor ran to the bathroom. Then Logan said he needed to go also. So I waited for the food and realized something was making my sock wet?!!? I looked down and realized that my bag was dripping!..... yep right into my shoe. I "sneek" in the boys cups with juice Well, that started to make me giggle, just as I started to tell Courtney about it Logan came running from the bathroom loudly proclaiming that Taylor was throwing up in the bathroom....great. But I thought Tim was helping, a few minutes later Taylor came from the bathroom telling us that he felt much better. Then Tim came out telling me "Can you believe that some kid is in the bathroom throwing up?"

Off we went to the theater to sit down, I looked down into the bag to see a puddle. This bag is also my purse so I was a bit concerned what may be floating in my purse but decided at that point it was too late. Throughout the movie Kendall was not her normal self. She ate popcorn for the first 20 minutes then she popped from lap to lap disturbing everyone in the row behind us. She needed more drink so I got up left and filled her glass with water from the drinking fountain. Then Taylor said he needed to use the bathroom so Tim hoped up and took him. While he was gone I think Kendall got the same idea. So as soon as Tim and Taylor got back Kendall started to loudly proclaim she needed to pee she needed to poop. Now I have never gotten that request, ever from her so I figured that she really didn't need to go. She just wanted to get up and move so I tried to talk her out of it. Well, not happening!!! She just got louder and louder so for what seemed like the 50th time I stood up and headed out of the aisle. When we got into the bright shiny (germy) bathroom she wanted to explore. She no longer needed to go, so back to our seats. Once we sat down she started again to say (yell) potty, me go. So this time Tim took her and left. We settled in for the last 15 minutes of the movie. About 5 minutes from the end Taylor said he needed to go again and left. I knew Tim was out walking the halls so I started to pack up.

The movie ended and we gathered up our things and headed out. On the way out the door of the theater we saw tell-tale splats........ Taylor had gotten sick again..... and again.......... and again. It was like a breadcrumb trail to the bathroom. We sent Logan in to make sure Taylor was alright. He came back out saying Taylor was a mess. Tim came out and hand off Kendall who kept repeating "Tay Tay ewwwwwww".

What a night~ only at the zoo!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So here I sit......

As you can see by the late hour I am not sleeping well..... It has been hard lately. The whole kidney stone thing I thought. But as I sit here in the chair I know it is more. Have you ever felt that funny nagging feeling? The one that you have when you know you should do something. Maybe something your not eager to do, maybe something that you can't figure out.

For several months my good friend Melissa and I have embarked on an adventure. You know, the hat adventure. We have had so much fun! Sitting together, making great hats and clippies and sometimes laughing at the bloopers. We delight in seeing parents plunk bucket and beanie hats on their litle ones. Their precious little faces can't help but make you smile. We have been so fortunate, sales are great and we are busy. BUT, that nagging feeling.......

Well, I decided about a month ago that we needed to make this business more. More than something to do and fun. It needs a purpose, I need to do more, if our hats can give hope to someone then I want to do that. Hats of Hope...... Maybe a bit cheesy huh? I guess right now I don't care about cheesy.

So, at this point I am looking, looking for the perfect place to start. I don't know the family or circumstance yet. There are several things I have been praying about, just waiting on God's voice and timing. Trying to be patient, not an easy one for me. Hoping to hear loud and clear the direction to take this venture.

Okay so now maybe I can go to sleep!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh my aching back.........

I remember well as a child hearing those words from different family members. All the while thinking to myself "gosh what's their deal?" Well let me tell you..... I think I have said it as many times a I heard it from all of them put together!

Friday night about 11:00 all was well wit me, I was getting ready to sit down and watch a movie with my daughter Courtney, and her cousin Ashley at my parents. I was gearing up to do a big craft show the next day. Within 15 minutes time I went from feeling fine to laying on the floor! I knew pretty much 100% what I was dealing with.... Kidney stones!!!! My Mom and Dad and even my daughter Tiffany have had them so I knew the symptoms. Courtney woke my Mom and we headed off to the ER. They did great at getting us in and seen, within about 15 minutes they were starting an IV with pain meds and sending me for a CT scan. The results were kidney stones, UTI, and a cyst on my ovary. Geeesh! I got back to Mom's and dropped into bed. The next morning I thought I felt better, well that was until I tried to get up and immediately felt sick. I really wanted to attend this craft show. The logistics were going to be a bit tough but I wanted to go. Mom and Dad both looked at me like I may be a bit crazy and asked if I was sure I wanted to go. Dad agreed to help me carry stuff and after getting sick I did think I felt better. So Courtney,Ashley, and Dad followed me there to help load in.

Once I got inside I set everything up and things started. We were selling hats and clips very well. I sat and assisted everyone so I wasn't over doing anything.... Then at about 12:30 I started to hear people echo when they spoke.... hmmmm this is not normal. I ate some snacks that Mom sent and moved along. I kept having little issues all day long like the echoing and at one point the woman who was purchasing a hat's head was HUGE! I slid through the last of the day and Dad came to help me close down. I drove myself..... yes maybe not so smart, to CVS and filled the prescriptions from the night before in the ER. About 3 minutes into waiting I was attacked AGAIN! I was crushed, I had thought it was over, not so. I headed back to Mom's and decided to stay another night to make sure we didn't get half way home and get into trouble. The night was long and the pain just kept coming. Then Sunday morning we made a plan for my Mom to come with us and stay at the house to take care of the kids. Monday seemed to be a blurr and spent a lot of the day in and out of bed. I did make it to the Dr. and they told me what I thought they would.... oh gosh, that is too bad. And if I hear this one again I will scream... Oh kidney stones are just like having a baby! Let me tell you, I was not in labor for three days and I was not expecting a calcium stone when I was pregnant!!! It is NOT the same thing.

Tuesday I did start to feel better and when Dad came to get Mom I went out to the barn and helped out a bit. Well, it is now Thursday and my body still feels like I have been beat on!!! The nausea is much better but the pain in the lower left side of my back is slowing me WAY down. I am not a patient person by any means and I am fairly active with chasing kids, farm chores, and being a Mom. This is really starting to drive me nuts!!

So now I can relate to "Oh my aching back!!!" just praying for healing and soon!