Saturday, December 12, 2009

So here I sit......

As you can see by the late hour I am not sleeping well..... It has been hard lately. The whole kidney stone thing I thought. But as I sit here in the chair I know it is more. Have you ever felt that funny nagging feeling? The one that you have when you know you should do something. Maybe something your not eager to do, maybe something that you can't figure out.

For several months my good friend Melissa and I have embarked on an adventure. You know, the hat adventure. We have had so much fun! Sitting together, making great hats and clippies and sometimes laughing at the bloopers. We delight in seeing parents plunk bucket and beanie hats on their litle ones. Their precious little faces can't help but make you smile. We have been so fortunate, sales are great and we are busy. BUT, that nagging feeling.......

Well, I decided about a month ago that we needed to make this business more. More than something to do and fun. It needs a purpose, I need to do more, if our hats can give hope to someone then I want to do that. Hats of Hope...... Maybe a bit cheesy huh? I guess right now I don't care about cheesy.

So, at this point I am looking, looking for the perfect place to start. I don't know the family or circumstance yet. There are several things I have been praying about, just waiting on God's voice and timing. Trying to be patient, not an easy one for me. Hoping to hear loud and clear the direction to take this venture.

Okay so now maybe I can go to sleep!

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