Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's a bird, no it's a plane......... no it's


I had to laugh when Kendall popped into the sunroom wearing this mask today. We have been trying, no begging Kendall to poo in the potty for about 3 weeks now. She seems to do pretty well with the whole tinkle thing. We have accidents but overall getting pretty good. BUT the poo department is a whole different thing. She gets super embarrased and after one incident months ago when she actually poo'd in the potty that was it. She absoultely would not go on the potty. Instead she would escape somewhere and then surprise us in a really bad way...... I have to admit teaching school to the boys and potty training her has been tough. It is really hard for me to watch her every minute and she seems to know it. Little Stinker!

BUT, after a partial miss today she got very excited and actually did the stinky deed on the potty tonight!!! Yea, happy dancing mommy here, tired of spraying out princess panties in the yard with the water hose. :( A joyful site for sure for those passing by in cars. Her reward is M&Ms and she has been bargaining for more than one M&M. She gets 1 for tinkle and 3 for poo. She has been bargaining 4.... don't tell her but by this week I would have given her the bag if she would just GO poo on the potty! After we did have success tonight I said "Yay!!! You get M&Ms how many do you get Kendall, Do you get 4"? She looked at me, shook her head and said "No, I want 2". So 2 she got as she clapped and smiled..... gotta love kids.... especially when they poo in the potty!

My Baby is getting SO big!

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