Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Postworthy Post

I know, I know............. it's been a long time. A really long time... My life has been spinning, spinning on a small base. My homeschooling boys and Kendall keep me hopping and along with their big sisters I am truly blessed.... I mean big time flat out blessed. Then along came my awareness about SMA through our little hat business and well, life has not been the same since. I'm glad that it hasn't.... we spend time in our everyday life trying to bring awareness to this horrible genetic killer.....

But today, today I spent a great time with my kids. We got out the Santa given skis and gave them a spin. A great time was had by all and the day flew. We were having such a wonderful day, a day of laughter and smiles.

That is, it was until we topped the crest in the road by our house.... and in the brief second life once again changed.... the cogs in the wheels came to a screaming stop as I looked out and saw my 2 kittys laying in the road. DEAD...... I really hate dead.... These two were SO special to me, Casper a gorgeous long-haired black kitty had come such a long way. Traumatized by a neighbor dog when tiny, she had such a hard time trusting but she was coming along and even coming in to the edge of the sunroom. And then laying beside her in the road the most horrible shock of all. My sweet Sushi, although she was a "barn" cat she thought she was the queen. She spent most of our awake hours in a chair mostly with me sitting right beside her. A gorgeous cat she was one in a million. She never left the chair unless it was time to go out. She never minded the bird 1 1/2 ft from her. You see I think she was my angel, after Maggie died Sushi started to beg to come in and she sat right with me never trying to move around or be nosey. She was my companion when Maggie couldn't be..... my animals have been such important characters, especially after we lost Mackenzie. I could cry when I wanted and they never got tired of me talking about all things Mackenzie. I couldn't lay that burden on my family but my animals were always willing and eager to be a listening ear.

But why did they have to be taken?? I know this won't stop me in my tracks, I know this is probably part of some grand plan, (I don't think I like the plan very much at this moment). All I do know is that my chair is going to be lonely and not as warm as it was for the rest of the winter. My heart is broken and my heart just can't believe I will never see her again.

I know, I know.......... she is just a cat... they are both JUST cats. So try and tell my heart that one.

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