Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ike in Ohio?!?!

Well, it has been longer than I would have liked in getting back to the blog. This starting back at school month has been a long one. In the middle just when you think you have it all under control God zaps you. Why is it that every once in awhile I seem to be plugging along forgeting to check in with the Big Guy, take my concenrs and problems to him??? Well hurrican Ike gave our area a wake-up call last week. There are still many homes that have no power 9 days later. Thankfully we were only out of power for a short time (30+ hours) and the foods didn't thaw and the water tanks for the stock didn't dry up. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the fmailies that this weather has affected.

Keep praying for little Stellan, his heart issues are not over. He is fighting but he is needing our prayers. Pray for his Mom and Dad too. The pain in knowing that you are caring a child that is life threateningly ill is so hard. Also, keep my dear sweet friend in your prayers that is dealing with "coming to Jesus" again and the hardships her family is going through during the journey. Life is so good and so often we don't take the time we need to to feed "in the word". My walk right now has me "hungry" in a way that I have never been. God is speaking to me and my life is a roller coaster. Please let me dicern this information and put it to God's glory.

Also, please someone give me the answer to this one. I ordered from a website, no paypal available. I ordered a VERY special gift for my Dear friend Nancy. A twin angel suncatcher for her daughter. Nancy's sweet babies went to be with Jesus last month and I wanted to give Isabel this to hang in her bedroom window. Problem is they ordered it, sent me a confirmation, charged my credit card, and then disapeared. Well, the site is still there but no contact from my e-mail or phone inquiries. What do I do????? It just makes me so mad!!!! I would have paid more for the item,........ I just wanted it to help mend a little girls heart.


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