Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Praying and Praising..........................

God is such an awesome God!!!! Today my heart is full of joy..... I think half of the free worl has been praying for little Stellan and God was faithful to the fullest extent! He entered the world and has taken it by storm. The Drs. don't quite know what to think since he is "surely going to die" ..... well that was at 24 weeks. Given such a grim sentence his Mom did what any Christian Mommy would and got closer and closer to God. And she told someone who told someone who told someone...... and well you get the idea. They can acratch their heads till they are bald and nothing but God himself can explain the outcome.

Although he is being closely monitored for a few tiny issues Stellan is fine.... healthy.... and being bathed in the love of his Mom and Dad!

I also found a blog last night where another family is facing rough waters.... Little Witt is hanging in there struggling along and making strides. No assistance breathing and his heart looks good. I am lifting Witt, his family, and the Drs. for wisdom and healing. This family although I don't know them in real life are clinging to God and waiting for His answers. They are accepting His will for their precious baby. Taking those steps of faith and getting our of the boat on the rough waters. Pray that they keep their eyes firmly on Jesus and don't look away. As long as their gaze is constant they WILL walk on the water through this storm. They even got praise music for the waiting rooms!!! How cool is that....... just another case of little ones being used to draw us closer to God.

Please pray with me for these families!!

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