Friday, October 31, 2008

Well, now things are Clearer!

Over the last few days Kendall has been a bit cranky and not slept as well. I thought maybe that she was getting one of her front teeth. We finally have one top tooth but not the other so I thought that might be it. Tonight while we were playing I layed her back and realized that not only is she getting one tooth but teeth number 5, 6, 7, 8,9, and 10 are coming in!!!! Six in a day!!! Holy smokes, I would cry too! Funny thing is none of them are her missing top front so now she will even have 4 molars but not the right top front. I hope she gets it eventually?!?! lol

In other news keep the praises going for baby Stellan. All is well and he has been released from NICU!!! God is so faithful and good. Stellan has been healed. Also baby Witt has praises coming too. His chromosomes mix-up at this point seems to be with #1 not 18 like previously thought. This is HUGE!!! Now he will be treated like a normal baby and not one thought to have a life span to short to operate on. The family is praising and praying for continued good news.

We are pumpkin carving tonight hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post the shots of the carving and costumes from Trunk or treat. The kids had fun and now we have all this leverage for good behavior with so much candy in the house!

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