Monday, November 10, 2008

Sometimes you just have to Laugh!

Well, so much for my plan to update 2x a week!!! What can I say life just gets in the way sometimes. After the weekend I thought that I just had to pop in and let you in on our belly laugh.

Like every week Sunday morning can be a bit of a race. Getting 4 people ready to go and out the door in time for Sunday school is a daunting task sometimes. I try to lay out the clothes and get all the bags ready the night before. Well, we started off with a bang Taylor was up and dressed very early ....(thank you daylight savings). I had to wake Logan and get him moving, all the while I am working to get Kendall and myself going. I let Maggie out and fed her, she was back in her cage and we were doing well. I grabbed the heavier fall coats because let me tell you Novemeber has let us know WINTER IS HERE! Logan needed to run out and feed the kittens (8 adorable ones, anyone need a kitten?!?!?!)
So off we went while I grabbed the last few things and made my visual of hemlines on pants and hair. I thought we all did well... off we went to church. I was very excited my Mom was coming down to spend the day with us and we don't get to see her very often so I was thrilled to get the boys into class and get myself organized. Mom got there and we had a wonderful service. Kendall even made it through most of the sermon before needing to go to the nursery for loud **talking**. After wards we all went to lunch at our favorite chinese resturant and then decided to do a bit of shopping.
While at Kohl's looking for pants for the boys I wanted to check the size in Logan's pants and was surprised when I lifted his coat and noticed the metal buckle on his pants in the back?!? I followed it down and then was shocked to see his zipper also was in the back?!!?!? What is the world!!! he was wearing his Arrow dress pants backwards!!! I laughed so hard that I couldn't explain it to her so I had to lift his coat for her to see. Then we both started laughing and couldn't get our breath. The kids are looking at us like we have truly went round the bend and then my phone rang. It was Tiffany and I couldn't even get a word out! I think it was the first time I have laughed that hard in a long time. Within a few minutes we met up with friends and there stood Logan with his hands down and in his pockets..... yes the slash pockets in the back!! A funny day......... a memory that I will haold for years.

I hope that we can have more fun memorys more often ...... just one of the many joys of being MOM!

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