Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Well, believe it or not we are here again! Four more Sundays till Christmas and hmmmm, well let's just say if I don't get busy there may be some disappointed people on Christmas morning. I fondly remember that days they didn't know when Christmas "really" was. You could fudge a lot, I could even shop with them in the cart and they didn't realize the gifts were for them. But alas, those days are over. Now I have to figure out how to shop around three little ones that seem to be attached at the hip. Thank heaven for online shopping!

Let's see about all those not-me's. Well at least the ones that I can A. remember and B. actually own up to.

I did not completely flake out on my deal with myself to make a week full of "healthy" meals while my husband was on vacation.

I did not also forget my deal with myself to not "nag" (his words I prefer remind) him of things that he leaves as he moves through the house day and night. You know trash, shoes, socks, open doors, lights left on........ the list continues.

I did not push the boys through school this morning so I could slip out with only one in tow and go to lunch with my seldom seen but much enjoyed girlfriend neighbor.

I did not try to interest test the kids with some ideas of toys that they may actually really enjoy for Christmas.

I did not giggle to myself seeing the garage door open this morning and the several cats and kittens that had gotten into the garage visit. Nope wouldn't do that DH HATES the cats in the garage.

I did not pull something out of the clothes hamper to wear yesterday because it was snugly warm and the weather here is getting COLD!

Okay, back to MckMamas blog to see all of YOUR Not Me Mondays!

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Cute list. My husband went out of town a few years ago, and the first thing I did was call Dominoes and order an extra cheese pizza and eat it in front of the TV!