Friday, November 14, 2008

I am so cracked!!!!!!!

I think by the time all the kiddos have grown I will be the silliest thing you have ever seen. My kids just crack me up all the time with their funny comments and antics! Today Tim and I took the three little kids to a play at the Victoria Theater. The antics of Junie B. Jones kept them all in their seats and laughing for the entire hour. Even Kendall sat on my lap and clapped along with the play. At one point in the play two of the guys were alter characters that happened to be obvious girls. Logan leaned over and said "Mom, I think those are boys?!?! I said yep, I think they are and Logan in his very analitical way said "I bet they were surprised when they came to work today!!" I said what? He said I mean when they came to the theater and got ready for the show I bet they were surprised that they had to be girls part of the time! How funny for his mind to take him immediately there???? That's my 8 yr old, I just LOVE him to pieces.

In all honesty we did enjoy the play and they were wonderful to us getting us an extra seat last minute at a sold out show so Tim could go along. Perfect!

God just keeps those blessings coming!!! Pray for Adrienne and Jim with the birth of their new adopted daughter today. Pray for peace for the birth family and speedy healing for the birth Mom who had to have a c/s. A beautiful 6 14 1/2 baby is now part of the wonderful family!!

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