Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Well, I needed to fess up! My life is crazier than a zoo so I will only give a few of the countless Not Me's for this week.

Well, I certainly didn't leave little Kendall "playing ...fussing" in her crib so I could get a just a few more minutes of sleep.

We certainly did NOT as a group (Logan Taylor and I) scramble to clean dusting, sweeping and bathrooms so that we could have a guest on Saturday. Not me I would not have made the boys clean!?!?! I did NOT just stuff the left over dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

We certainly did NOT stack 3 cords of wood so badly that they fell down when almost complete. I did NOT make the boys help me finish it up anyway.

I certainly did NOT go shopping once again for the tiny girl and buy her just "a few" more things that she did NOT need.

I did NOT make extra size meals last week knowing that they would make great left overs since Tim was gone most of the week.

I did NOT get so excited to see our pictures up from the photographers that I actually e-mailed to prod them along. I wouldn't be pushy like that NOT ME! I was so excited with them though that I think you should check them out. yep, that is us 3 different links under the kids names. llamas is the password..... ssshhhhh don't tell anyone lol!

enjoy your blessings today!

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