Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am so Thankful!

Those words seem so small to me as I see them on the page. This year has been such a ride for us. Before the time slips away with me completely I wanted to take the time... heck it may take two days.... to put together a small portion of the mountains of blessings that I have in my ever cracked life. Right now since I am giving two spelling tests while I blog let's just say the top 16!

1. I am so thankful that I know Jesus Christ as my savior and that he continues to bless and lift me up day after day.

2. For my husband, as quirky as we are I think he is the perfect fit to my whacky life. Not many would put up with me and my ways. He works so hard to provide us with a comfortable life and affords me the ability to stay home and teach and "grow" our kids.

3. For my kids here on this earth, Tiffany,my over-confident smart eldest child, Courtney,ever the animal lover and fun personality, Logan, my no bones about it scholar-scientist guy, Taylor, my all-boy family clown with such a love for animals and Kendall,the sweetest tiny girl, this little powerhouse is my joy. The blessings they give are so numerous, the responsibility I feel to make sure that they all know the true path in life is overwhelming at times. I stand in awe of them daily. Well, let's say most of time I am in awe, sometimes it is sheer shock!

4. For Elizabeth and her family, for her sacrifce so that we could have, love, and raise our sweet baby Kendall.

5. For our parents, they work tirelessly to help us in those moments where we are either to extended in time or don't have the skill to build up this house of ours.

6. For our angel baby Mackenzie, although I can't hold you here how much you have taught us. Someday in heaven we will be together.

7. For family, friends and neighbors here and in cyber space. Life wouldn't be the same without the encouragement of others. I love you guys!!!

8. For our freedoms. although we might not get along and the economy may stink right now, we are so blessed to live in a place that we can make choices and we can worship freely without fear.

9. For my discovery of my new favorite TV shows!!! I had no idea they were there. So now Joyce, Beth, Ed, and James and Betty are with me whenever I can get a moment to sit down.

10. For Fireproof, yes the movie, this movie has changed and improved marriages for those that have given it a chance.

11. For our pets and all the creature comforts they provide.

12. I am so thankful for warm cider, cozy socks, a robe and a good book. Well, of course this is when the many tiny oves are sleeping.

13. The blessing that I have in Tiffany being home to be the pick-up this or that on your way home or the Can you watch them for a minute while I run here or there. Without her we would be much more stressed.

14. For the blessing of having Courtney home with us for almost a week!!! I am so excited to have all my kids under one roof. Well, maybe it will be crazy but I can't wait!

15. For the blessing of having most of the shopping done this year BEFORE Thanksgiving!! You will still find me out in the dark on Black Friday but how could I miss all that fun??

16. Last but not least I am so thankful to have a new set of hub caps on my van! Yep, that rounds out the list. A whole bunch of happy for a simple box of four hub caps bought at Wal-Mart for 13.98. Or as Taylor says Wal (star) Mart. you get it right?

What are your blessings................................

Well, that is my partial list

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