Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday.............. hmmmm

I did NOT just erase all of my post for the Not Me Monday!!!! Argh!!!!!

Well that just really sucks! Hmmm to start again or not.

Well, just know that I did NOT do many funny and interesting things this week. Road racing to Thanksgiving dinner....... Black Friday shopping............ the list was funny very funny. Loosing a post that took so long ....not so funny.

FIREPROOF ................ a must see movie...............

I want to hold up my dear friend Jami, after one long season of dark God has so much good in store for her. She and her husband were re-married yesterday and the turns that it took to get there was miraculous to say the least. If you haven't seen it go to Fireproof! The movie is everything funny, sad, and awe inspiring that you can imagine. Look for it!!! It has changed countless marriages and actually was the catalyst to put my neighbors back together better than ever.

Well, now that the house is no longer quiet and naptime is over I guess that is all I have time for! If you want more hop to MckMamas site and hear all the other crazy Not Me's!


Lisa said...

We really have been meaning to watch that movie.

Mrs B said...

You are right...this movie was great. I cry everytime I see the seen when she is in the bedroom sick and he pours it out. I am totally tearing up now. That movie was one more step in restoring my marriage. Funny how these things pop up right when you need them.

God bless