Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What will your gift be?

With all the holiday fuss and the gift extravaganza this year I have tried to not forget the real meaning of this holiday season. I like getting and giving gifts as much as anyone else BUT Christmas should focus on the birth of Jesus. The sacrifice of God to this world of unworthy sinners, the sacrifice of Mary and her reputation, the sacrifice of Joseph.

The savior of the world....... all wrapped up in swaddling cloth laying in a manger..... surrounded by livestock and hay. The world stopped that night and brought their best for HIM. So how is it that now if your not careful you can miss the whole meaning of Christmas? In our world the pursuit of more and self are much more important than the needs of others.

I believe that there will come a day when we will stand in judgment and need to give an account of our life. Our true gifts need to be the work we do for God’s kingdom. In the end we decide what kind of “flowers” we will give to God. Will you be able to hand him a beautiful bouquet like this


or will it be a bunch of ugly stems. I wasted way too much of my life being a “religious” Christian. I was saved when I was a teenager..... and I haven’t been a horrible person. I have been in church most every Sunday. Praise God and all that good stuff. There is a saying that Joyce Meyer says that I really like “Going to church to be a good Christian is like sitting in your garage to become a car.” But I didn't understand the real meaning, the real deal till after we lost our precious little girl Mackenzie. God expects more of us then sitting in church and saying praise the Lord. In the end don’t you want to be thrilled to give him God a beautiful bouquet of works and deeds? How many people are you leading to Heaven? How disappointed I would be in myself if I stand before him and all I have to offer him is a handful of stems.

What does your “best” look like? This is the time of year for resolutions and life changes. Why don’t we all work a little harder to live the life that would make God smile.

Happy New Year just a little bit early from someone that is always late!


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