Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can you relate?

Over the last week as we have been focusing on the holidays and getting our house "Christmas" ready I keep going to the same place in my mind. Mary......... we focus rightfully so on the birth of Jesus this season. Light of the world .... our Savior. But think about his Mother, a child in today's standard, Mary was a 15 year old girl. She lived in a time when girls were not only seen as objects to be owned but expected to handle themselves in a way that would bring no shame to their family. How do you think things were handled as Mary told the news that she was pregnant! With no husband??!?! On top of everything else she truthfully told them that she had not been with a man. The entire town hated this little girl..... they wanted to stone her. In their eyes she was one of two things lying or crazy..... both punishable by death. Her parents were both heart-broken, worried, and a little ashamed. The town was treating them horrible.

All the while Mary had only the words of the Angel. She was with child and this child that she carried was to be the precious saviour that they waited for. The one that was foretold of. Why a young girl, why did she have to endure such hardship while giving so much of herself? Her heart was so pure, her love of God strong. And yet can you imagine the season of darkness that she went through. She had nobody in her town to comfort or support her. Her time with Sarah was her only respite. Finally someone that believed her, knew that this baby inside her was the "real deal".

As a Mom myself I treasured the pokes and the kicks while I was pregnant. I could just swell with happiness knowing that the miracle inside was growing and developing everyday. Did Mary get to enjoy those pokes at all? Did she feel peace? She was so young and I'm sure so scared. The weight of the world literally growing inside her. Mary, the young girl became Mary the Mother of Jesus.

I also have spent much time thinking about E and her sacrifice to us. Carrying a baby for us to love and cherish. Personal sacrifice that cost her in many ways. She was sick much of the beginning, and then even hospitalized with kidney infection 6 weeks before Kendall was due. Then off work due to high blood pressure. A sacrifice she made for our family, because she heard God's voice tell her to do so. I pray for and give thanks everyday for E and her family. She changed the lives of our family. She changed what was a dark place for me into giggling light.

Who do you know that has made a sacrifice?

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Cathy said...

Penny, What beautiful writing! Thank you for taking your time to read about Annabel. You have such a beautiful family.
I have 5 very special ladies who have made sacrifices for my family and that is Tammy, Denise, Karen, Melissa and Amanda my five birthmothers! Thank you for the reminder!