Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well, here we are again and I have high hopes that this time the entire post WILL get to be published before being eaten by "blogland". It has been a crazy week at the circus here and there is much more than the normal hustle and bustle with the upcoming holidays. Have you ever noticed that during the holidays the work load is like ten-fold? On top of the regular day-to-day work till night at our place you also have to purchase the gifts, purchase the goodies to bake, purchase the cards to send, haul the tree up to be assembled, decorate the house, wrap the gifts, send the cards, be the taxi driver to all the practices........ on top of the normal activites. Yikes!!! Simplify.... hmmmm seems impossible unless we eliminate all the excess and just worship God and praise him for the gift of his son who he would send to be a sacrifice for all the sinners and whiners......... what a novel idea.

But here is the Not Me's for my house if you want to see more go to Mckmamas site and read more floor rolling foot stomping full on drink out the nose laughs for the week.

I definately did NOT spend every minute this week serching for the perfect gift for those that we buy for.

I did NOT already have to take several things back that were either the wrong item or that someone else also bought.

I did NOT buy 4 books for Logan while he was with me without him knowing and then hide so well that I can't find them?!?! I need a better system. I did NOT just go buy the book again because that would be easier than stressing over what is lost within the walls of the house.

I did NOT buy new LED lights for the tree this year only to discover that I need 2 more strands. I did NOT just spread them apart a bit and decide good enough.

I did NOT sit in amazment as my sweet 8 year old came out for a bathroom run at 11:00 p.m. and stand in awe of what he called "the best tree we have ever had" it is so awesome that he didn't even think we needed ornaments this year. Hmmmmm smart boy, we could get along fine. Not putting up the 100's of ornaments means not having to take them all down in a couple weeks.

I did NOT cram all that I could into my amazing washer and dryer to make less loads.

I did NOT laugh myself silly when sone number 2 Taylor noticed daughter number 1 Tiffany's jewelry sitting on the counter and exclame "Hey, let call Cash for Gold!!!" When I asked him why he said "they pay lots for jewelry............ I didn't mention to him that costume plastic jewelry didn't count. I just chuckled and thought that may be one way to get Tiffany to pick up after herself.

I did not wear the same pair of sweats here at home most of the week, they are so comfy and it is getting COLD!

I did NOT look in the mirror and take note that soon if I don't go visit Mick I will be confused with my much older Grandmother. What is it about hair!! I hate the fuss but this grey stuff popping through really kills the young at heart Mom image......... Now an even bigger battle to convince DH that he CAN watch the baby while she sleeps and not have to sit on the couch waiting for her to wake.....

I did NOT send a zip lock bag to church with Taylor just knowing that his wriggly tooth was about to pop out. Mommy radar was right on and the bag was needed. I also did NOT send him in another shirt with tags still attached!! These little miss-dressing events seem to happen very often with Taylor.

I did NOT spend way more than necessary on pix of the kids from our last photo shoots. I spent about 2 hours re-framing pictures this afternoon. But how could I resist. They were fabulous...... check them out if you want at Password llamas . There are three sets just look for the kids names. Tiffany, Courtney, Logan, Taylor, and Kendall.

Finally I did NOT spend way more than regular price for the Balance Board for the Wii the kids will be getting for Christmas....... Not me I don't even want a Wii, not my idea of an easy way to parent. But what can you do with Grandmas.....

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Carla Burlando said...

A very funny post. I saw your blog on Annabelles site and you mentioned someone you know is expecting a child with Trisomy 18. We had a baby with Trisomy 18 several years ago. Things have changed so much than then for moms with that diagnosis...and yet are still the same. 8 years ago there was barely internet never mind a blog world filled with prayer, support and other peoples stories. there was no "now I lay me down to sleep" photography. the list goes on. I'm so happy that these moms don't have to feel like they are going it alone carrying a baby with trisomy 18 and choosing to value life. Unfortunately what hasn't changed are the uncertainties, the prognosis and the greif and emotions involved....those are what I can unfortunately relate to. Feel free to pass her on to me if I could be of help or encouragment to her.