Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't forget!

It seems like during this time of year there is so much on everyones` mind. I am constantly writing notes for myself and then usually forgetting where I put them. All the hustle and bustle for the holiday I love most in this world. As a Mom I am just wired to be over the moon when a baby is born. I don't even have to know the family and the birth of a baby is so exciting to me. So when I think of Mary and Joseph awaiting the birth of our Saviour. I get a wave of emotions.... everything from tears of excitement to anger that this tiny little baby was turned away from a warm dry place. I guess in a way he came into the world under trying circumstances and he left the same way. I think that Christmas is definitely a time to remember to be charitable, after all how much more "stuff" do we all need in our houses. So why not think of others when giving to others this year.

At our house gifts for parents is always a stumper.... this year I will be giving in their name to a few of my favorite causes. Shoes for children that don't have any and to 3 infant awareness and support causes. If you go to Mckmama's site you can see how to donate to String of Pearls and 2 other organizations. If you don't know about String of Pearls google it and find out more. This organization is much like Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, they work with families of babies with fatal diagnosis, many times diagnosed at the 20 week ultra sound. The time families have with these precious babies is many times fleeting and every moment counts. All keepsakes and memories for a lifetime are crammed into the span of a few moments, hours, or days. With careful guidance these moments can be made the most of. I think this is such a worthy cause. There are countless organizations.......... listen to your heart and give in the name of others.

Thanks for following along, I know this isn't the most carefree of posts but God has laid this on my heart and I know he wants me to share it with you.

Kendall says Just Do IT!


Remember the reason we celebrate this season!

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