Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Everybody Loves Raymond...............

Well, I have always thought my life was a bit like Debra's in Everybody Loves Raymond. The typical days and the family puzzle pieces fit in pretty well sometimes. I just have a few more kids in the house....... Today I decided that Men in general just do not get it much of the time. Bless their little hearts I think they try BUT what is it with these guys?!!?

This was part of the phone conversation between my husband and I today.......

Him: So are they working on the garage doors?

Me: Yea,they are here working....

Him: Great!

Me: You weren't planning on them being here?

Him: Well you never know, are they doing it right? Did they bring the keyless entry? How long will they be there?

Me: Well, THEY are one guy about 5 ft tall and maybe 20 yrs old. He said he would be working all day.

Him: But are they doing it right?

Me: Ummmm, I don't know how to put up garage doors, so I am leaving him alone to work.

Him: Well you need to ask about the keyless entry......

Me: I figure that if he doesn't install it we will notice

Him: Better ask him

Me: Okay, later I will make sure he has it.

Him: Oh and tonight after work I am going to Dave's to play cards.

Me: hmmmmm, when is it that I get to "go out" with friends? I have yet to leave the house childless for a night out since Kendall was born.

Him: Well you go out and work and I will stay home with the kids??(yep, yikes he said it)

Me: Excuse me .............. what is it that I do around here everyday??? I go from morning to bed and homeschool the boys in between. Just because you don't pay very well doesn't mean that I don't get to go out other than to the grocery without hearing the famous words...." Hurry up, don't take all day" hmmmm yea, that is my big OUT grocery shopping.

How is it that he doesn't get that?!?! I really enjoy staying with the kids and for the most part I enjoy taking them with me if I have errands or a bit of shopping. I am balancing more balls in the air at once most of the day than he can imagine. I draw the line at taking the crew to the grocery. I need to really concentrate and they are liberal item adders.

I am so glad that God made us different, I love the strengths and weaknesses of each sex. BUT, could we get a little break for the Mom once in a while? I even am told "don't take all day" when I get my hair cut...geeesh.

Okay back to Mommy mode........... if you made it through that possibly childish rant of sorts you get awarded with a peek at Kendall in her Pettiskirt! This was on her birthday and I am only now brave enough to try to figure out how to post a picture.

Give God thanks everyday.................

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Bonnie said...

We have those same conversations around here. In fact it was to the point where I was ready to give up if he did not change. It was a lesson for me of course, God has taught me now that threatening to break up my marriage is not what will work, but instead loving my husband even more and lifting him up to the Lord is what will work, and so far it has.

Good post Penny.