Monday, February 23, 2009

Square Pegs

As my kids grow and I get older I seem to question things more than I used to. When the older girls were little we automatically enrolled them in the local school. It was what you "did". You didn't think about it, you just "did" it. Did it ruin them? No, they are incredible kids. Our adventures through childhood has been a journey to remember for sure. It seemed as they got older and in high school there were times that I had definite clashes with school policy. But again they did fine and for the place we were they were where they needed to be.

Then many years later when Logan was born we looked at things differently. Curriculum is incredible and easily available. The class size at the local school was just outrageous. 1 teacher with a part time-aid to 30 kindergartners. Does that even compute to you? Not me, how many kids would fall between the cracks. We decided that we couldn't do worse than that. I had used a modified pre-school at home for him the year before that went very well. We had several recommendations from neighbors and friends from church so we jumped into the world of home school.
It is 3 years later and there has been no looking back. I LOVE spending time with the kids and watching them learn. Seeing the moment that they really "get it". Sure there are days that I think I could pull my hair out but I wouldn't trade it. The boys have such interactive education and they seem to be thriving.

Today Taylor is off to go for standardized testing. I still am not sure how I feel about the "grading" of kids. But, I am so proud of my boys and how they see the world. They are so grounded and they love God in a way that I don't remember experiencing at their age. I pray everyday that Tim and I can be the example for them to follow to keep them in a close relationship with God.


karina said...

OMG!!!! Would your DH be more interested in the KLove cruise if it meant a way for the two of us to meet? :) I have been begging and begging Todd for the 2010 cruise to celebrate my 40th. Tonight I showed him the Mck Cruise 2010 and he said he'd rather do the Klove cruise. I do wonder what the pricing would be on the Mck Cruise. If it was significantly more or less it might sway the decision.

Amanda said...

That is awesome. Way to go! I think you made some great choices and sacrifices and you are to be commended....

....speaking of... you should stop by my blog and participate in the jubilee. I think you deserve it!!!

Many blessings-