Saturday, February 7, 2009

When you were little............

what did you think your life would be like? How close to the mark have you come? I remember vividly when the girls were little Tiffany would stand and say "when I get big I am going to be a Doctor and a dancer..... Oh yea and occasionally she would say and I'm only going to have one baby and I am going to be a mean Mom like you are." This always happened when she had to go and sit on the step. Courtney on the other hand held to the dream that when she grew up she was going to be a unicorn. Now Logan tells me he is going to be a scientist, and Taylor well he thinks a race car driver..... let me just say this one has me a bit concerned. Funny how the oldest of each set is more of a "real" job and the younger is more of a dreamer.

As for me as a child I was sure that I was going to be a Mom, I wanted that from the earliest memories that I have. I had dolls that were my babies for years.... I just wanted to be a Mom I wanted to bake cookies and be home. I also knew that someday I would have a cat and a dog IN the house. I was never allowed as a child and I thought that would be the best. Well, if you fast-forward I AM a Mom of 6, and I LOVE it 98% of the time. The pet thing well, it is much bigger than I ever thought. I went from the kid not allowed to have a pet to the adult that in a few short days will be able to say that I have been in the "llama" raising, showing, judging business for 20 years! We have 12 llamas here now, but at times we have had up to 48 llamas. I have delivered near 100 cria. Wow, although the chores are sometimes yucky and I have been "up to my elbows" places I never dreamed not bad for the town kid that once in a while got to have a fish.

Oh yea and I also got to have the dog in the house. We don't have a cat inside anymore but there are about 20 outside all tame and all with names. None in the house because we also have a large parrot named Max.

So tell me........... what about you?????????

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Jessi Dawn said...

i like the name of your blog; it's cute.