Thursday, February 26, 2009

The little things in life.........................

Well, it's that night again. In our house Thursday night means the whole family sits down and watches Survivor. While I don't encourage very much TV watching this is one that we all enjoy. Picking a person or team as your favorite and rooting them on is a pastime out here in the boonies. It is maybe a silly show but our family has made a routine of it since the show first aired. Before Logan could talk well he would know "vivor" night meant pizza in the family room and everyone was home. When the boys started learning the days of the week there was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Survivor day, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So yes we are an over-the-top family when it comes to the show. It is a nice break to get to sit as a family and watch. So often these days we are not all together so I really enjoy the little things I guess. With the season just starting we have several weeks to cheer on our favorite player!!

I think the trend is continuing, Kendall boogies and dances when the music starts. Courtney came home and added ring tones if you remember to my phone one of those tones is the Survivor Theme Song.

The only bad thing about Thursday is the ending of ER. I have enjoyed it from the beginning and while I am really enjoying this season it is the end. Sad.......... for 15 years the show has been my favorite, lots of changes have happened during that time but I guess I really like the writing.


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Holly said...

Hahah that does sound like a good thing to do as a family. :P