Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Well this week I did NOT spend most of the week preparing for my daughter to come and visit. I have NOT been missing her like crazy, she is so special and I am NOT one of those Moms that just does not want to let go.

I did NOT have said daughter fix me up with ring tones for my new phone so now I can tell who is calling without looking at the phone. Only to have so many of them that I can't remember whose is whose?!!?

I did NOT make my first ever hand-made card this week and it only cost me 22.00 in supplies from Micheal's. Yea, I think that scrap booking would be way to dangerous for us. Not only would we be broke but I would need a room built on to hold all the supplies that I would (not be able to live without) need.

I did NOT once again blow off finishing the taxes, nope not me. I am very good about being organized and timely. I would NEVER let the entire year go by without logging any of our expenses.... not ME! I would have an incredible hard time logging all that in at one time.

I did NOT allow the boys to play the Wii way too much this weekend because Courtney was home and they were having such a good time.

I did NOT make a HUGE pot of Chili so that I wouldn't have to cook for several meals. I will NOT have mutiny on my hands after the first few days of serving it but I have decided mutiny is better than cooking.

I did not spend a lot of the evening in tears because Courtney went back to school. I did NOT spend time feeling like this is close to the end of this snapshot of life. This time when we are a family of 7 and the kids are all just that kids. We are so close to toppling over the edge and as an adult I know that once this frame is over we will all be forever different and not as close.

So I guess I end the Not ME in a funk..............

I love you kids more than anything in this world.......... you are my reason to get up and go everyday. Love you so much Mom



Raising Olives said...

I'm with you on the scrapbooking.


Joy said...

I have tons and tons of scrapping stuff, yet I'm still 2 1/2 yrs behind on my almost 4 yr old's book :p

dmelen said...

I have turned my husbands computer room into my stamping/card making room. I can't image when my kids leave the house. Hold on to the memories.

purejoy said...

i have a truckload of supplies and i cringe at the thought of my husband moving my office upstairs.i'll do it myself if it takes two months. i cannot have him noticing how much scrapbooking/stamping stuff i have. so. not. safe.
right there on the kids away. i have one who is a freshman in college and a second one about to graduate. it's nutty, but it's my life and i love it.
have a blessed week!

Wayne said...

Let them play wii they are so much fun, Great not me's

I am starting a new post on the 12th of march called - Honor them Thursday - and I am looking for as many people to take part as possible. it will have mr linky so your person of honor can be seen by the world. it's a chance to honor the people you love wether it's your mom or dad or you partner or your child or one of your your friends or maybe some one has inspierd you. Honor them and say thankyou. I hope you will join in

pam said...

She will always be your little girl, not matter the age!

Great NMM!!

Anonymous said...

I have raised and released 2 men into the adult world and it is painful. I found releasing them well was harder than raising them! So I can so relate. Only the Lord can fill the giant hole in your soul and move you into other areas of ministry as you launch your flock out. By the way, the fact that you are in such pain over it is evidence of a job well done!

I write my blog to encourage moms in the fine art of Christian parenting and on releasing well. When you get a moment, click over and sit a spell. Blessings.

fmattso said...

I am so with you on the snapshots being over. I have a 19 year old son in Connecticut in the Navy. Our 21 year old daughter only lives an hour away but she has her own family. Our 16 year old son lives with his mom an hour away and our 12 year old lives with us but is at the I hate my parents age so she spends lots of time in her room. We just have to make memories when we can!

shopannies said...

do you have any advice for a momma who will be letting go of her child as they go away to school?

NateAndJakesMom said...

Some weeks I would rather deal with a mutiny then cook!