Saturday, January 10, 2009


Take a moment if you haven't already and hop over to Angie's blog. She has just posted a absolutely beautiful video of Audrey. This very personal look into the time Audrey got to spend with her family and the private moments after. This is powerful! Don't try to watch it without the puffs beside you.

What an absolutely beautiful baby and miracle for the world.

On the wild chance that you don't have a link to Angie's site here it is.

Watch and be changed!

Also, I need to make note that today is my Dad's birthday. My Dad is like a hero to me, I hope he knows how much I respect and love him for who he is and the example that he set. Many times in my life I have let him down and not been the daughter he deserved. He is my Dad and he is incredible. In all my ups and downs I never once worried that he or Mom wouldn't be there in a flash for me.

Stay healthy Dad, I don't know what I would do without you........ love you!


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