Friday, January 16, 2009

Need a giggle?

Or maybe better yet Lift your spirits with a giggle. Little Abby is having a really hard time with her Chemo and so they are looking for some laughs. Lucky for them we are hot bed of grins and giggles. See with a house of 5 kiddos we have several fun kids moment/conversations. Let me think of a few high points.

Three yrs ago we took a trip to Florida. The day before we came home a hurricane was heading in and our friends said we should head out to get ahead of the traffic. The next week at Sunday school the teacher ask my then 5 yr old what he did that week.

Logan: We took a b'acation to Florida.
Teacher: Wow did you have fun?
Logan: Yes, it was great till the hooker came! Then Mom made us go home!
she could hardly contain herself when I picked him up. She knew us and we both had a good laugh.

When my the same son was about 2 he got one of those fairly annoying animals that sing when you push a button. A dog wearing a raincoat that sang "Singing in the Rain"

This is Taylor's rendition..... I'm singing in the "brain" I'm singing in the "brain" What a "glorpious" "breeding" I'm singing in the "brain".

I am so livestock-show promoter for llamas and at one show we were short staffed so I let the little boys hand out the ribbons. Instead of "Congratulations"! Logan told them "Congratunations" while he shook their hand.

both boys had always said "I don't matter" when they really mean It doesn't matter.

Hopefully these little funnies will lift your day a bit. You never know with the feast of fun around here I might have to do these once a week.

Special prayers for little Harper and Brayden, both fighting hard in the picu.

Let God's grace, peace, and healing cover you all.


karina said...

I was so sure that you were going to tell your story about driving away from the drive thru without the FOOD you had paid for!!! And having to drive around again telling them that you were the crazy lady who drove off without your FOOOOOOOD!!!!

ROFLOL, laughing so hard I'm about to pee my pants!!!

Blessings to the babies who are fighting.

love, K :o)

Penny said...

another giggle for another day. I tell you my life is full of them. If I try just a little I see that my life is really pretty light and very blessed.