Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life is so precious

I remember as a kid my Dad bringing home these stickers. He worked for Dow and they had a campaign of some sort. They said Life is fragile......Handle with Care. Today as I sit in front of my sun room window and read my morning blogs that rings so LOUD in my ears. I hadn't thought of that statement in years but here it is.....

Over the last 24 hours 2 sweet little babies got called home to be with Jesus. These little babies were given a label that I have come to hate. Their dear parents were told their sweet unborn babies were "incompatible with life". Parents that were told that their sweet babies would probably not survive till birth and if they did they would only live minutes. Choices were given and sometimes encouraged that would end their lives before that time. But these parents chose to give their babies the chance to do the work God sent them to do. No matter how short. I don't think that these families would ever trade even minutes for no time at all.

Overcoming the odds both of these little babies out-lived the expectations of all the medical professionals.

Little Magdalena Grace Roberts was born on August 6th, 2008. She has been the light and the joy of her Mom, Dad, and family. They got to love her and show her so many things. Their words over-flowed with the joy she brought to them. Their pictures show a family so in love with this little girl. She got to stay here with them for 6 months and 1 week. She got to teach them so much and show the world her tiny footprints on the March of Dimes t-shirts. If you haven't been blessed to be a part of her life pop over to her blog and catch up. http://noahandjulieroberts.blogspot.com/

Little Mason was born on January 7th, 2009. He was also given the bleak diagnosis that he would most probably not survive birth. He went on to stay here on earth for over 4 days... 116 hours. He got to go home and be with his family and bless them. I have linked the blog to his sweet Great Aunt she is the keeper of his story for us here in Blogworld.

Today I write about 2 families.... their losses are fresh. But they are two of a group of families that know from the start that they need to take every moment and treasure it. These tiny little ones are sent for a purpose and I know for me they HAVE impacted my life. They HAVE made a difference. I have been working for the last several months trying to give my time when ever needed to help families blessed with these babies. All I can say is they are amazing ...... and like the sticker says life is fragile.

In the words of Horton himself.............. a person's a person no matter how small.

As I sit here broken-hearted, I still feel the rejoicing in my heart for the time given to these families and pure joy for the babies that are now laughing and dancing with Jesus.

Please go over to these blogs and leave them a comment, they need your prayers and to feel the peace that is knowing how much their little ones meant.
blessings to you all.......................

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karina said...

Way to make a Great Auntie cry, as if I need a reason. Thank you, sweet friend, for your love and support through this, from that first day on. You are a blessing, it was no coinkydink that we met.