Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday............... again

Well here we are again and I guess that as long as we are going to be doing Not Me Monday I must oblige and have something to write about. I most certainly am a very careful Mom who, as you have read in the past, would never allow her children to leave the house with tags still attached to clothes, not me. But on to this week..... hmmmm where to start?

I did not let the boys hair get so shaggy that I even got comments on Christmas about if I needed help trimming it up.

Since we allow no cats in the garage there would be no reason for me to lay out a towel in a nice small place for our kitty Pancakes. NOT me, I wouldn't give him a small bowl with a snack either. Just ask my husband, he hates cats and does not allow ANY cats in his new garage.

My favorite appliances in the house are my HUGE waher and dryer. I am so careful with them that I would NOT pack them a bit over the limit to get all the jeans for the household in. That would be wrong.

I did NOT sit in the barber shop with the boys getting those very needed haircuts feeling very good about how well put together we looked when to my horror I look over and see a pair of my purple underwear stuck to the velcro on Taylor's coat where the hood sticks together. as I leap for it he must catch it in his vision and pulls it off saying "what is this?" in a louder than preferred voice. No NOT me I would have then needed to crawl under a chair. He also did not find a blue sock stuck to his coat. Note to self........... do not by items with velcro on them!

I did NOT finally make the meatloaf that my Mother-In-Law gave to us on Saturday night. I did NOT misjudge the cooking time and have it only cooked on the edges and then decide to cut that part off and finish baking the rest. The family never knew the difference.

So how about you?................. anything you feel like sharing?? Share away I love comments and there is no judgement coming from this blog! Then hop over to McMamas and check out why there is no need to feel shame..... we are all in this boat together!!!


karina said...

SO funny about the purple underwear! I'm glad I did not have anything in my mouth!!!

I'm sure it wasn't you who pampered the cat in the garage. Nope, I know you well enough.

hugs! Have a fun day!

Joyfull said...

That was too cute! I can relate to the haircut issue and the cats! That was so funny about the underwear!

Cathy said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the update on Mason. Praising God that they have had this much time and praying that he be one in that 5% to be with them too many days to count.

Anonymous said...

I love the underwear story! Too funny!

TuTu's Bliss said...

I love the name of you blog. Happy Not Me Monday!