Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

***UPDATE***** I guess I am not savvy enough to play, if you got here it must have been between getting removed. Sorry, I am trying....... I was a bit disappointed to be number 104. Should have not I am 265. Just like Moses and the Israelites.... 40 year wait for grumbling.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I bet you thought I would forget didn't you? That crazy day when SOME of the antics of the week before are confessed. Well, I couldn't miss that, would NOT want to miss getting all of this out for my weekly therapy vent! With all the money I save here I should be able to buy some pretty something or maybe take the crew on a vacation.

So here goes..................

I did NOT stress half the week to try to remember the wild antics I put myself and the family through. They are always there but my selective memory tries to erase them as they happen.

After complaining to my husband for turning up the thermostat and "running up the bill" I certainly did NOT turn it up myself when he left for work. After all it was was a balmy -20 here and the fire just could not keep up. I did Not also remember to turn it down when he pulled in the drive.


Notice Taylor in the photo???? Anything out of the ordinary?? He has decided it is easier to not snap or button his pants anymore. No amount of reasoning can change his mind either. So on this issue I have given up, my Mom always says "pick your battles". So next week I may be posting about a child that losses his pants in public, probably church.....I can see it now.

I did NOT assign the boys a new job....... hauling the wood from the garage to the house. This is now a requirement to earn coveted "Wii minutes". What are Wii minutes you ask???? Well, in an effort to not turn completely into Wii potatoes (ha ha) I have devised the Wii minute. If all of your chores are done Bed made, piano played, and school is completely without dramatics then you earn 30 individual Wii minutes per day. If you also do not engage in hand to hand or mortal combat with your brother you also have an opportunity to earn 30 more combined minutes. Now let me see if I can correctly state the next part ..... All of these stipulations were needed since I DID want a Wii so that I could have more opportunity to be the bad guy and make my children get up and use their awesome magnificent brains instead of becoming lathargic and unable to think past the couch. Oh yea, contrary to what you may have heard can totaly sit and Wii in most of the games.

I did NOT once again loose my gas card............. yes, once again. This seems to happen on a regular basis around here. I swear I put it right where it belongs and low and behold it comes up missing...... This is the 5th or 6th time that I have lost my card. My husband doesn't even get mad anymore, he just shakes his head and walks away. We always check and there is never any charges on the card. I know it sounds like I am loosing my mind, the card usually shows up a few days later and in the strangest place. I very well may be loosing it. I have decided that their are evil trolls in the world and they just love to mess with me. So now the plan is that I will NOT carry a card and see how far that gets us...... hmmmmm probably between gas stations.

I did NOT once again fail to make the appointment to go to the dentist. After all it is just a tiny little cavity and there is NOTHING to be nervous about. All of my children have a very healthy relationship with the dentist and it would be completely ridiculous for me to be paralyzed with fear at the mention of going to get the filling. All realistic thinking would tell me that waiting only lets the filling get bigger... Ugh!

I also did NOT offer to watch the neighbors two adorable girls today. That only brings the kids count to 5. Ages 1 1/2, 4, 6, 6, and 8. Wow.... a bit boggling. Then I did Not proceed to sleep very restlessly worrying that I would miss the alarm and not be up for the crack of dawn drop-off. I AM such a morning person that it is no problem to get up. They are adorable and I know we are going to have a ton of fun today. I am NOT spoiled... VERY spoiled about getting up early.

I did NOT spend most of the week getting pictures like the one below! It seems that Miss Kendall has discovered that she is IN the camera and needs to see the beautiful big girl. yea! we get the NOT so beautiful shots of the unhappy child. Atleast the outfit is cute right??????


Well, that is it for this week but since Karina brought it up how about a NOT ME blast from the past.

Being the fabulous Mom that I am I do NOT allow my children to eat fast food. Not ME! I did NOT on more than one occasion blast in to the drive thru and go through our simple order of minus this and add that only to then drive up to the window and hand her the absolutely deal of a price for such a nutritious meal. I then moved my car to the next window, pause and then leave without getting any of that yummy nutrition packed food! Then almost automatically chiming from the back were the crew screaming about not getting something!!! Did someone poke someone or what?!!?!? Oh no horror of horrors I left the building without the paid for junk food!?!? What to do...what to do?!?!? Well, like anyone of you I pulled back in the drive, got back in line, and when we came around to the speaker box, you know the one. I proudly told them that I was back to get my order, that I had paid for but left without. Was I embarrassed? NOT me!!!! After all, this kid has not even graduated high I was there so long ago that we had a dress code and blue jeans were not allowed.


Shhewwww I feel so much better. How about you??? I would love to help you feel better, give me your antics. Click on the top and go to McMamas at for the carnival blogfest of Not Me's. You'll be glad you did!


Wayne said...

Great not me monday and the pics are awsome. that is alot alot of wood in the pic with the kids

My Trendy Tykes said...

LOL I love the pic of your son! Hey, I would do the same thing : )

Great NOT ME list !!