Friday, January 23, 2009

No 2 Snowflakes are the Same

Well, as the Mom of multiple kids I have long ago learned that God makes them all different. I think that maybe this is His warped sense of humor, if they were all the same we parents would "get it right" too soon and maybe get a big head about things. No problem with that..... I learned with the older girls that even though they are raised in the same home with the same parents,that they were different. Boy were they, they seemed to clash at every opportunity. Hat one liked the other didn't, we learned very quickly to never ask an opinion of two choices...... they never picked the same thing.

Once the little boys came around they seemed to get along better than the girls so I thought well maybe..... just maybe I have got two of a kind this time. God giggled .... at my revelation. The boys do share a room and seem to like being with each other. They do seem to play and most of the time they play very well. Logan is such a planner/prep man. Taylor is our out and out play guy. So Logan plans and builds and Taylor does the play once it is constructed. If he does try to help with the construction Logan will tell him why his idea is no good....... nice huh. Logan is SUCH a straight guy, he astounds me everyday with how smart he is and how analytical his thinking is. He can debate with the best of them and many times win. Taylor is the clown of the group I have never seen a kid be so funny without trying. He is absolutely the funniest thing. To show the differences in theri personalities here is an example that happened last week.

In church on Sunday I realized how different they really are. The boys came in from Joy Town where they have their own youth worship service and sat down with us. Logan handed me a snowflake made of silver pipe cleaners and beads. All perfectly balanced with beads placed perfectly. Taylor handed me his then, it seemed to be kind of a wad...... all there but I thought he must have crushed it. He isn't the most careful kid. LOTS of things end up squished in his pocket. As Logan started to explain the perfect placement of the beads I started to untangle Taylor's. He stepped over and said "Hey" What are you doing???......... I said "Is this your snowflake?" he looked straight at me with a completely poker face and said "No, I made a snow BALL!" I thought I would roll...... with laughter.

So this analogy of my boys fits so perfect

Logan's snowflake

Taylor's snow BALL

As different as snowflakes or fingerprints

God is so good...............

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