Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay okay, stop the ride........ I want off!

It seems lately that when it rains it pours...... So many things that could go wrong did. I am not a complainer by nature and try to take life in stride but goodness, I am getting exhausted trying to maintain and get through the day. Here is our short list of the last couple weeks.

a bit of a kerfluffal with Tiffany's tax return that needed the accountant to walk us through....
the whole family sickness, no need to say more about that one........
my uncle was told that his cancer is not responding and his only hope is to go through some experimental treatments. This is my Dad's only brother and now Dad is really having a rough time too.
Tiffany's struggle with the college she attended and consequent battle to hold on to the good work she accomplished.
Financial issues that seem to be plaguing us.
Stresses at work with Tim also the stress of the final inspection of our addition.
So many stresses and heartbreaks from my bloggy friends.
Tiffany started to feel sick with bouts of pain.
Yesterday I once again fell SICK! ... you have got to be kidding!?!

Then today I decided that, once again I just couldn't go to church. I seem to be a walking germ right now. So Tim took the boys and off they went. He declined taking Kendall along, slight bummer.... I really wanted to just veg...... Then about 25 min later Tiffany came down complaining of belly pain. I continued to do regular morning stuff and get Kendall breakfast. About 15 min later she screamed from upstairs and thought she was dying...... she is a bit of a drama queen but this seemed real. So I told her she needed to decide if we went to the ER or not. Within 5 min she had decided we better go........ So sick me, Tiffany in pain, and Kendall threw some things together and ran out the door. Ooooops, Tim took the car with Kendall's car seat and stroller!! I found a seat that she could ride in a adjusted it, the fit wasn't right so we went to church and switched cars. I didn't think I could do a long ER visit without the stroller. I called and of course Tim's phone was off. SO..... I had to run in to the service looking REALLY bad and switch keys and let him know we were going in. Once we got there they put us in a room fairly quickly.

By the time they got some pain medication in Tiffany and some tests run Kendall was through with being there. We ate all the snacks and drinks so I walked her up and down the hall till she fell asleep. All the while getting looks like I was the patient and not Tiffany. Coughing and runny nose........... great I probably gave THOSE poor people germs too! They finally came and told us that Tiffany had Kidney stones and probably would be prone to them for the rest of her life. She is not a pop drinker and takes pretty good care of herself. I felt so bad for her, she was just miserable. We got discharged late in the day and headed to the pharmacy. Before we could get somewhere for something to eat.... I was starving and so tired, she had another attack! I drove her back and wondered do we go back in??? Pay another fee???? As I walked through the door Tiffany was still in the van in pain and loaded with morphine and vicadon that wasn't touching it. Miraculously our ER nurse was walking past, we talked and decided that coming back wouldn't help so once again off we went home.
I was so glad to pull in the drive. I was going to BED! well, I thought so anyway. Tim met me in the drive asking Tiffany questions about our trip and then telling me we needed to run to town to get fuses for the barn. I could have cried. I just wanted to go to bed. After about an hour I got Kendall down and got to nap.... Now I am awake miserable and can't sleep!!??!?!?!

I just need a break....... a slow week.... still not complaining, I think I am too delirious to do that.........


karina said...

Oh friend! My heart goes out to you. I am very much feeling the same way. No wonder I haven't been able to get a hold of you.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

My heart hurts for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you will come again soon.
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This drawing will be the last day of April.
Every comment you leave throughout the month will enter your name in the drawing.
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I was so blown away by all the responses that I wanted to email each person personally, but TIME... just has not permitted..but I did love reading all of them..I am continuing to introduce my family members and then there will be some fun blogs coming up from Disney World in May.
I am so thankful for all my new friends.