Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday...................

I can't think of a better way to put it....... today was a GOOD day. I went to see Dr. W this afternoon. I hopped in the car with my armour on, my armour of song I had the radio turned up and full of praise songs, I sang in my own American Idol fashion. I do LOVE praise and worship music! The drive is a short one, the route is so pretty. Spring is in bloom, the flowers dotted the countryside.

Dr W. is just the kind of Doctor that makes you feel comfortable. Old time with the office that goes with it. He is kind and he really listens. Anything that is not the "norm" he sends you off to a specialist. His wife and daughter are his office staff, his adorable 3 yr old grand-daughter is usually somewhere in the office.

As soon as I got into the office they quickly got me in a room. I had just enough time to get into my lovely one-size-fits-all (eyes rolling) gown. When Dr. W came in he sat for a moment and he asked me to explain what I felt and when I noticed it. The next few minutes I just prayed to be prepared to accept any outcome... any outcome, not just the one that I wanted.

Very quickly Dr. W felt and looked at the "bump" and told his suspicion that this "bump" was NOT Cancer. More likely a cluster of tissue and ducts that bind together causing a "bump" near the surface of the breast. He did give it a medical name.... but seriously at that point I was praising God for giving me more time here. A little more time to lead my children, teach them, love them. Hopefully my life can be a reflection of the love of God. I pray that we are leading our kids by an example pleasing to God. He wastes nothing and I want my life to be for His glory.

Oh and as I sat back up Dr. W did tell me that "BTW I can tell you one postive today"..... my response, What?!!? "You definately have a sinus infection!" Hey, today I'll happily take it, you see I was trying to ignore that too.

So Dr W made special arrangements for me to go get the big squeeze.... every one's favorite the mammogram. The offices were closing early but they arranged for me to go in so we didn't have to wait the weekend. I took a few little friends with me Logan, Taylor, and Kendall, What is that you say?? You have never taken 3 children between the ages of 1 1/2 and 8 with you to a Mammogram?!?!? Hmmmm sounded like great family fun... er well, actually like many times I had no sitter so my sidekicks came along.

All went well and they also confirmed the results that Dr. W gave me. Praise GOD! The kids behaved very well, I think the constant rules repeated over and over and over all the way there actually sunk in. That and the warning that there would be NO Wii play if there were ANY behavior issues. The kids actually made the trip more fun today, they gave me a focus and instant relief when I got the news. I look at them a bit differently tonight, with more appreciation, even for the "bad" stuff. You know, squabbles, dirt, messes, dirt.... did I say dirt?? Their pleas of will you come play instead of working are handled different. At least for a little while. with all prayerful intention a long time. Thank God for a clean mammogram and a clean attitude.

On this Good Friday I have so much to be thankful for..... I feel so sad for the parent so long ago who watched as their only son was tortured, beaten, mocked, spit upon, and was hung on a cross to die. All for the sins of a lost world....... God ultimately knew that Jesus would live, he would rise from the dead......the result of his suffering??.... Everlasting life for all us sinners, any and all who ask.

I have to tell you Spring has always been a favorite of mine, to me it symbolizes the resurrection... winter with all its beauty is a bit like a bleak cold death that always gives way to a beautiful rebirth.

Enjoy a few tastes of life that I found on my way to Dr W today...............

daffodils, my spring favorite
all kids favorite a dandelion
a peony bush
A lilac bush just leafing
a cocoon....... do you see it? We are excitedly waiting for the Butterfly that will hpefully hatch right outside our bedroom window by the "Mackenzie flowers".

Thank you for your prayers, they truly mean so much to me!

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