Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boy, am I in a funk????

I'm not sure but I think I may be in a funk. Either that or the meds for the sinus infection are just dulling my otherwise witty sense of humor........ Maybe its the endless chocolate eggs I have ingested...... or the peeps that are drying on the counter (they are SO much better when they are VERY stale). Or the potato chips.... yikes! I don't eat those those!?!? do I. Well the answer is yes I do if my dear hubby brings them within a mile of the house.

I try to eat well, really I do. Most of the time we don't have the OTHER stuff in the house but holidays can bring out the worst in my eating habits. This year the bunny only brought 2 bags of candy and 2 boxes of peeps for the 5 kids. How is it that the candy has quadrupled!?!?

We had such a nice time at my parents house on Easter. With the distance that we all live apart it is truly a blessing. We all got to catch up and the kids were non-stop playing the entire time. Courtney and my niece Lauren didn't get to come, they were surly missed.

Don't forget to brush brush brush so the cavity bug doesn't get you after all that Easter candy!

How about you, how did you celebrate???

And the BIG questions.......... real or plastic eggs????

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