Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sure signs.....

I am feeling so much better over the last few days. Not only has the cold started to take a cue and leave our home for somewhere else but it is something else completely. where I live.... aka the old capital of the mid west, we have some pretty distinct seasons. It is bad enough that many of us actually suffer from Vitamin D deficenies in the winter. We just don't have enough sun shining through the clouds. It is cold,windy, and cloudy most of the time. That seems to cause many of us to go into a depression type state.

I have been so down lately. This is pretty normal for me each year. I think that I am just about at the end of my sanity. Life starts to seem darker and darker. Well, for the past 2 days we have had sun...... lots of sun and warm temperatures. Warm for us lately anyway. It was 65 degrees!! While this is maybe not egg-on-the-sidewalk-cooking weather it is a huge change! The barn doors are open, the llamas out and about. When your outside you can feel the warm on your skin.

For me it almost is like a new birth...... or maybe a great sale. ha ha You know the feeling, just warms you from the inside out. I looked out the window and over the last 4 days the ground is popping with spring bulbs. Yes, life is good. We still have trials and we are still praying and broken for families we know. This little bit of light just seems to make it all a bit easier.

So as I start to flip the wardrobes from warm winter clothes to bright light weight summer clothes I am smiling!!

On another note I must just say I am so proud of the hard work I have seen out of Logan this winter! He is our very professor-ish 8 year old and he has really worked hard in school. He just got the results of the Scantron and he just blew it out of the park. He scored 98% in Math and 97% in Reading Comprehension, he has also ask for more responsibility at the barn. He wants to earn a llama of his own, part of that comes when you are ready to be responsible for barn chores. He does about 1/2 of all the barn chores now. That includes clean-up, watering, and feeding for 12 llamas and 20 cats...... (spayed and neutered, I promise!) That is a post for another day and a pet peeve of mine with people and disposable pets! Anyway back on track.....Good job buddy, you are growing into an incredibly responsible guy!!

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