Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Off we go but don't mind me if I pause to cough, clear my throat, or blow my nose. Yep, It's just one of those weeks at our house. It is afterall NOT my own fault, just last week I did NOT mention to someone that we hadn't been sick in over a year except for a few asthma issues with Logan..... Well, three days later I come down with a major bug. Day by day the whole family did NOT fall into a pile of sickness....

Our family did NOT go through 3 jumbo boxes of Puffs in 2 days...... We have NOT spent the last 3 days hanging on the couch, we did pretty good till my dear husband got sick on the weekend. Things did NOT gets amazingly worse when he also got sick. He is NOT the worst sick person on the planet.

I did NOT talk to one of my dear friends and mention that I would need to take down the CHRISTMAS tree soon. She automatically wondered why that wasn't a part of my NOT ME MONDAY. What?!?!?! Could it be that most people do NOT have at least one Christmas tree still up in MARCH?????? Afterall I took the main tree down January 3.....I was shocked!!! hmmmmm and as I looked around the house I noticed that this year I may have missed a few things..... Do NOT notice the dust please.....







Over the past week I did NOT have to do the Spring and Summer shopping for Kendall. My favorite store is going out of business and everything is at least 40% off. So I really had no choice right???? Poor little thing has nothing to wear as you can see in her 12 ft. long closet.


I did NOT do a happy dance all the way to the car with some of my great bargains!! OH wait, maybe part of that was because I got to shop alone!!! No small children tugging, begging, or trying to hide while I carefully shop on a budget. These are not my two favorite dresses.


I also got her Easter dress and it did NOT cost me just $4.19. In the end she got a wardrobe of 9 dresses, 5 capri sets, 9 short sets, 3 long pants outfits, 3 t-shirts, 2 pr of shoes, and 4 hats. The grand total was NOT under 100.00...... Wa Hoooo!!!!!!

After hunting for bows daily I did NOT decide to hang the bows, box the barrettes and headbands...... After hanging them I thought maybe it looked like we had less of them when they were in a box.....


I did NOT spend 2 hours changing the background of my blog last night. I did NOT at one point just scream and wish I had the $$$$ to have a creative blog designer fix me up with something adorable and memorable. Soooooo...... leave a comment and let me know what you think. If I were at all technical I would have some lovely christian music playing in the background but alas...... a techy I am not. I can barely say I pod, let alone figure out how to get music on one.


karina said...

LOL at myself for taking a FULL minute to remember that I was the dear friend who told you to NMM about the tree! That could not have been me!

Girl, you are a clothes hound for that chicky pickle of yours! AND SO ORGANIZED! I'm totally jealous that you a) have a girl b) bargain shop like nobody's bizness and c) have it all so beautifully organized!

BTW, I like the new look for the blog. I'm with you, wishin' I could afford to hire someone to make-over my blog. I'd like to have pics of my kids in a really cute header, or something like Mck Mama's blog-ish.

Maybe Shadie could design something for you. Maybe I'll ask her for me! :)

Here's hoping we get near the top of the list tomorrow!

love you, K :o)

Penny said...

What is it about memory?? I call it post-pregnant brain x5. Remembering where I have been or who I have talked to is a stretch!
I have to admit that the organization thing is a bit OCD. I have everything catagorized in her closet. all long sleeves.... turtlenecks, fleece,sweaters, onsie stlye, and not. Almost needing professional help here... but lovin every moment.... well almost every moment.
Refresh refresh refresh.... no wonder her numbers are flying...

Krystal said...

Popped over here from MckMama's. The first thing I thought once I saw your page is how much I liked the cool green/lime borders, really!

Honestly, I still have a couple of Christmas decorations in the living room too.

Mighty M said...

That is a big collection of hair bows you have there. Great job finding all the bargains! Hope you all are better really soon so they can restock the tissue aisle in the stores again!

gianna said...

so funny! i enjoyed your excitement about NOT shopping alone! Even the grocery store is fun without kids!

Suzanne said...

I was constantly changing the look of my last blog. With this new blog, I vowed to keep it the same (I did not just go through blogger templates looking for a different background, you caught me!)
Have a good week!

Chelsie and Nicholas said...

I like the blog look (though I don't know what it used to look like). I some times wish I had money to have someone make me a cute blog too!

Great Not Me!

stiner0305 said...

oh so your just EARLY for christmas this year. just think of all the things you won't have to put out this year :)

It Feels Like Chaos said...

You should totally just leave out the Christmas stuff; I mean it's only a few more months until the store will have their decorations up anyway! I did the same organization thing with my daughter's bows and I, too, didn't realize how many we had until they were all hanging on ribbons!

Dawn said...

Your Not Me's had me cracking up!

Not because I just noticed the other day I have Santa's whole dang village still lurking in my dining room - oh, and we do eat dinner in there everyday. Funny what you get used to and not even notice anymore.

I love how you organized the bows - great idea for my little ones! I'm going to see if I can come up with something like that.

Thank you for not giving me a laugh today!
P.S. I wish I could have gone bargain shopping with you! Wow - cute stuff!
P.S.S. I didn't notice if you use cutest blog on the block. They have a ton of free cute templates. I think your blog looks great!

Kelly said...

I love your Not me Monday post! Your daughter's closet amazes me!
Also, I like the looks of your blog, but if you would like me to add a background, music (play list) and a custom title...I will do it for you...cause your kids are sooo cute! :) Let me know.