Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Well, that kind of sums things up at our house. Early this morning ....... about 5 a.m. Kendall woke up screaming. She sounded miserable, I just knew it was bound to happen. So I got up and went to her room, and she was as hot as a firecracker. She was also soaked through so I went to the bathroom and started the tub. When I opened her jammies for some reason her diaper had exploded sort of. Little white junk everywhere!!! So I plunked her in the tub and sat down.

You see Kendall is the last of the crew here to be sick except for Tiffany and that lucky girl isn't home enough to touch germs. Logan got sick earlier is the week from me I guess. Either the Wee Church room last weekend or the grocery is where I got it.
For me a searing throat, headache, a cough and no voice...........great! Now they have an excuse for not listening to me. Logan got a straight cold, lots of snot. Taylor came out Thursday night after being in bed for about 3 hours and threw up on the floor. Friday morning he was tired but that seemed to be it.

Yesterday Tim said he didn't feel well and that exploded into life or death within minutes. Today he is home from work, to sick to do anything including help. I have to bless God for his humor in life. Men are bigger babies than real babies. As for me well it is life as usual. Someone has to keep the boat afloat, but if one more person says "huh? what did you say?" I might just smack them................

God either has a sense of humor or he wants us to all go through it together rather than be sick all spring.


karina said...

Oh, you poor thing. :( I'd call to cheer you up, but I'd probably be the next person to say "huh? what did you say?" And I don't want to get smacked. Though, I would be thrilled if you made a trip to Denver, just not to smack me!

Poor Kendall!

Shauna said...

I am new here! What an awesome blog! Hope you are having a great weekend!