Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun in the sun!

Over the last week or so I have tried to connect with friends and neighbors in the area. Before we know it the snow will fly and we will all retreat to our houses. Last night the Fare's girls, Karen, Simone and Shelby, joined us at the community pool and then a trip to the kids hands down favorite McDonald's. What is it about that place?!?! Kids absolutely LOVE the food. It was fun to see how big the kids are getting and how they get along so well. Simone and the boys just took off diving, jumping going down the slide you name it they were all fearless. Little Shelby was not so fast to jump and splash. The water is still a bit of a scarey thing to her, she did however try the water slide with the big kids .......once! That was all it took to realize that at the end of the slide she would be getting wet! It was fun to sit chat and poke fun at our wonderful husbands.

I also have a heavy heart with another situation that a dear friend and Christian Mom is going through. Her marriage is being tested and her life is at a hands down lay it all down before God place. It hurts so much to here the pain in her voice. She has wonderful children that are also being affected in a terrible way. God has designed us to be in family units. I can't imagine that God ever urges us to abandon the family or our children. Satan gets such a grip on our lives at some times he throws such convincing darts. The doubt and the ease of his path is so hard to resist. We are creatures of comfort and the easy path sounds appealing and Satan is so good at twisting our hearts and deceiving us. I have been praying for awakening, a time to just be still and listen to God's voice.
God is so good, he wants for us to have a rich and full life. We just have to listen and obey. It doesn't happen by accident.

Keep praying..............

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