Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick like a bunny

Well bust my buttons!!! I didn't know I could upload pictures directly!!! You have no idea all the hoops I always jumped through to get photos up on the blog.

It's a wonder I get myself dressed every day! Now you get to see a few of our designs!


Kaleena said...

Such beautiful hats! My Laneybug needs one!

Cathy said...

So glad you are back and praying that you became refreshed and refueled in your absence. Thank you for your kind words concerning pumping. She is doing everything but the Dom Perdome(sp). What is that? WE have the same pump from the hospital (rented) to make sure she was successful. Her milk came in early. I will ask her if she has any questions for you and thnak you for the encouragement.
Also I love your hats... I am a knitter, but can crochet also. We have a wonderful knit shop here in town that opened about a year ago.
When I have free time I go there and just hang out and socialize. I love it. Do you have a site that you sell your hats or just at fundraisers locally??? Thank you again for dropping in.
In all honesty for the last few months I have considered shutting down my blog. I have felt very flat(only way to describe it) with nothing much to share. Anyway, I just cut back on my post and somethings just put more pictures. Of course, pictures say a 1000 words and much better than I can speak them.

Beb-e-ssentials said...

Dom is also known as Motilium and is not available at the present in the USA. I ordered from Inhouse Pharmacy and had no trouble. It's main purpose is not as a milk maker but a stomach aid. The milk making is a wonderful side effect. It works better than Reglan but no side effects like Reglan can have. The makers of Reglan have effectively kept it out of the US with patents. My lactation consultant is a leading specialist in the country and she recommended it. IT WORKS! No bad side effects and very affordable... about .10 a pill.
I will look up the site I think where you can get incredible amounts of info on inducing lactation. The meds are available through

I understand totally about your blog from the "self" perspective but just know that there are so many people that would miss keeping up with and seeing your miracle girl!!! Nothing melts my heart more than seeing her smile! I love to keep up through the net and your writing never seems flat to me.

Please please have her get in tounch if she has any questions!!!What she is doing is an incredible thing..... tons of work BUT worth every bit of time spent!!!

Yes, we sell both locally and on the web. Right now our site is in the finishing stage of construction. My web genius friend just had a sweet baby irl and the site got put on the back burner. You can also see pix at Beb-e-ssentials on Facebook. Annabel would be so adorable in a flowered beanie!!

The crocheting is something my randmother taught me as a child. She always was making sweater sets for babies in need. She had the purest heart I have ever seen. For me it is an honor to her and therapy...... I too LOVE the year store. And I love to fall into a piece and let the day to day fall behind. The shop is our way of reaching out and giving to families in need. It feels so good to see the little faces that wear the hats and know that our little contribution is like Hats of Hope to others.

This got WAY too long, again I have missed your blog but I'm back and better.

Hugs to you and sweet Annabel!